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I am Blank Because…

It’s my third week of the Write Tribe’s Pro Blogger initiative and I’m enjoying every bit of blogging daily. Among the many fabulous prompts suggested by Write Tribe, the first was a fill in the blank exercise, linking to this post Little Miss Momma’s Post – I’m Blank Because… I just couldn’t let this go 🙂

I’m Weird Because…

I NEED to listen to music when I cook.

I play my music loud in my earphones that the one sitting next to me gives me a weird look.

I have coffee at any time of the day. ANY.

I have an uncontrollable urge to choreograph every song on my Ipod.

I can’t read e-books. They annoy the crap out of me!

I always sing La La La when I’m happy and that became my signature among friends.

I can’t eat a dish if I don’t like the look of it at the first place, even if it is something exotic or something that P has cooked for me out of love. No, I just can’t.

I am a South Indian and I don’t smell Jasmine!!

I don’t mind eating Chinese throughout the day, throughout my life.

I click random selfies and ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS think they have turned out bad!

I have a huge earrings addiction and a HUGE collection of them. 

I have cravings for sweet and spicy at the same time and No, I’m not pregnant.

I can go on staring at the green, red and yellow bell peppers arranged beautifully at the store.

I treasure hand-written letters or notes. I love the sense of “personal” touch to it.

I can’t sleep without two pillows and a blanket.

I’m a Bad Friend Because…

I don’t really like talking on the phone for long hours.

I’d rather text/Whatsapp than talk.

I get wrapped up in my own life, most of the time.

I ought to check FB reminders to remember your birthday. 

I’m a Good Friend Because…

I don’t judge.

I’m here. Always. And, I answer texts almost instantly. When my cell is alive. 

I’m a really good listener, and won’t even give you unwanted advice.

I’m Sad Because…

I miss my family so much that it makes me cry, at any time of the day.

I can’t stick neither to the exercise regime nor to a diet. 

I worry too much and share too little.

I don’t dance anymore even though I’m a trained classical dancer.

I’m stuck in a room, quarantined with Conjunctivitis.

I’m Happy Because…

I get breakfast in bed these days, because of the quarantine.

I’ve found my passion in cooking. bb_animation_girl_normal

I have a beautiful family

I’m Excited For…

My break at home since two weeks, which may continue for another two more.

Honeymoon trip to some place exotic. Yeah, it’s been eighteen months since I’m married and we never had our honeymoon. SIGH.

My new food blog- Something’s Cooking!!

Wow, I feel so good, writing this. Did you have as much fun reading? Drop in your thoughts in the comment section below. 🙂


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