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The Lion-Hearted!

She is tender, soft and dainty. She loves her earrings and the girly chit-chats. She is anything a woman can be. Don’t get me wrong, but she is bold and daring, self-reliant and lion-hearted. She is my best friend and I call her MARDAANI.

We were together in the same college and in no time we became the best of friends. We also belonged to the same place- a good 500km from our college and hence we traveled to our hometown together. It was always fun and something or the other always popped up in our journeys. We either miss the bus, forget something important to take home or anything for that matter.

And today, nothing happened! We were on time, did lots of shopping, had food from our favorite joint, and still had a few bucks left in our pocket. What else, does a college-going girl need? We found our seats in the semi-sleeper bus and once settled, we chatted for long hours only wondering why nothing peculiar had occurred for the night. Somewhere around midnight we slept.

I woke with a jolt when I felt “something” on my leg. I couldn’t understand what it was and hence tried to doze off again. After a while, I had the same sensation on my feet. I went frozen when I understood what it was- the man in the front seat was happily touching my feet. I couldn’t sleep anymore. I woke my friend to tell what had just happened. We waited for sometime and didn’t find anything  strange.

By now the man had shifted his position and started touching my friend’s foot. She screamed and got up from the seat. He was covering himself with a blanket and she removed it only to find him “satisfying” himself!! We were stupefied for a second but regained our composure and gave a yelp at the same time.

She ran towards the driver and his assistant. I heard her shouting at them asking to take the bus to the nearby police station. The “issue” was settled when the assistant caught hold of him, beating and uttering curse words. He dragged him to the driver’s space and rest is history.

She came back to her seat and in utter disbelief, we said together, “He is a small boy!!- may be fourteen or fifteen!!” We didn’t talk much that night but I knew we were shaking all over with rage and disgust. While I dozed off to sleep I thought, “Would I have done the same thing?” I looked at her and found her in a peaceful sleep. I smiled and thanked heavens for giving me a best friend- who is fearless, valiant and gutsy!

She is a MARDAANI!!! Thanks, Annie for always being there 🙂


This is written as a part of I am Mardaani activity exclusively at for Indian Bloggers.


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