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I’m Me-A Woman!

Its a WOW Post!!!! Yaaayyyyy…!!!


womanK...girl… I hear you. It’s Women’s Day- the one day in the entire year when you actually go around and wish your “girl” friends and family a very happy “Women’s Day”. Oh, really!!! Happy Women’s day???? Are you kidding me!!

Right from the very moment you were conceived and declared a girl while still in your mom’s womb, your parents have had a trauma. Then followed the arguments and tears on whether to abort you. (Oh you think, I’m from Ancient period?? Open your eyes and see.) You were lucky enough to be born and your life has never let you forget that.

From sacrificing your favourite toys and chocolates for your brother, to being molested dirty-touched by your favorite uncle, your life has just begun. (Oh, don’t give me that surprised look!!).

You are now eight and is suddenly not allowed to ride your bicycle in skirts or frocks. While you are still confused on what had happened, you had reached the so-called puberty. Your parents are even more worried now and your night-outs have practically come to an end. You thought you don’t give a damn and have gotten busy scoring grades, joining a job and being an earning lady. You are now enjoying your “independent” life and then realize that your workplace is also crowded with chauvinists and bigots.

But now, the time has come for you to be “settled”!! Settled?? What does that mean- oh yeah, marriage! You must now be getting married to a nice guy (aren’t good marriages equally good for everybody?) You go teary-eyed when your Dad says, “She is the apple of my eye, from now on her happiness is in your hands. Take care of her”. (At the back of your head it rings, “Does he really believe that the parents of sons have some special rights and parents of a daughter can only ‘beg’ for her happiness”. How else can this dramatic situation be justified.

From “adjusting” yourself to the “new” family (Wait…did the family make any adjustments to accommodate you??) and getting a “new” name (The so-called adding your husband’s surname to yours), you have started giving up on who you were. K…  I honestly don’t want to brood over the “MIL” issues also.

Now, it’s been a year after your wedding and you are constantly been asked about your “inability” to conceive a child. (Shocked??? It’s been ONE YEAR, in other words, TWELVE MONTHS, and you are still not having a baby!!! So, it definitely is ‘cos of YOUR not his medical issues).

K…. so, you are a strong, modern Indian Woman. And you reside in a country where she had been worshiped (once upon a time!). But now, beware when you take a step forward, you might be brutally gang-raped, ‘cos here’s a country who says rapes take place because of a woman’s clothes and her behavior. Exactly a year has passed after the gang rape and death of a woman on a Delhi bus. What has changed??? N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

I’m not a feminist. But, I’m a woman  who effectively juggles a work life, her social life, her home, family life and traditions and festivities. I’m strong, worldly-wise, opinionated, independent, economically self-sufficient and probably always being judge (just like you).

But, I’m Me – who enjoys my individuality!!!

And you wishing me a “Happy” Women’s Day?? Zip it up. .

This post is also a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. The post must contain a text conversation ending with someone saying “k”.


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