Hello 2020 & Word of the Year #WOTY

..and just like that, another year has come and gone! I still remember coming up with a Word of the Year for 2019 in all excitement and writing a blog post about it. I was swamped with ideas and had a lot of expectations from this year. Before we get into further details, let’s see what a Word of the Year means.

Word of the Year #WOTY

Word of the Year or WOTY is a single word that would help you figure out what you want from the year, your expectations, where you want to spend your energy on, or what you want to improve upon. 

Many believe in making resolutions for the new year. Sadly, these resolutions remain untouched and unaccomplished as days go by. And because of this, you’d feel a sense of regret and also feel sorry about yourself for not being able to tick them off your list.

I have stopped making resolutions for about six years, and instead, focused more on having a word that would represent my year ahead. Last year, I chose the word Slay – thinking of nailing every single aspect of my life – be it health, relationships, or work. I wanted to be that Goal Digger! I wouldn’t say I was 100 percent successful in ‘Slaying’ everything. I have had my ups and downs!

| Read Word of the Year 2019 – Slay

This year when I was thinking of a Word for 2020, I was blank. I even took up an online quiz to know where my thoughts and interests lay. The word I got was Limitless which was easier to interpret as well- I was never contained in a single niche when it came to blogging for I always listened to my heart. I wrote about books, travel, food, lifestyle – you name it, I have done it. But the word just didn’t appeal to me- it didn’t speak to me and I couldn’t take it up.

Days went by…

We had gone through a terrible loss in life last month and nothing seemed the same anymore. But flipping through the pages of my planner helped me in focusing my thoughts. That’s when I finally had my Eureka moment.

As 2020 dawns tomorrow, I know what I should do. I have chosen my word for the year.

I choose ‘CREATE’ and create I shall.

Without thinking about what others do, without comparing, without competition – I’m hoping to create beautiful and worthy content for my readers and audience. I’ll also be focusing on creating a new me who is happy, healthy and who believes in myself. Oh yes, the year ahead is full of possibilities!

Wish you all a delightful and peaceful 2020!

Happy New Year!

P.S: #ReadingWithMuffy officially begins today. Have you signed up? The linky is open till Jan 10.


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