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Why Michelle Obama’s Becoming is a Must Read #BookReview

The former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama had penned down a beautiful memoir – Becoming, earlier this year. The book was in rage even before its release because of course, we knew it would be full of her warmth and wit. I had eagerly waited for the prices to drop down a bit in Amazon and I didn’t have to wait for long to get this amazing book in hardcover itself. With a brilliant narration, here’s why Michelle Obama’s Becoming is a must read.

“I was humbled and excited to be First Lady, but not for one second did I think I’d be sliding into some glamorous, easy role. Nobody who has the words ‘first’ and ‘black’ attached to them ever would. I stood at the foot of the mountain, knowing I’d need to climb my way into favor.”

I’ve read quite a lot of memoirs but I do not think I’ve read anything this soul-stirring and phenomenal. It was everything we know of her – her elegance, poise, morals, honor, duty, and kindness brimming in each and every page of the book.

We may not have known much of her, I am sure, maybe just that Michelle is from Chicago, grew up with loving and supportive parents, attended Princeton followed by Harvard for law school, then began her position as an associate at the prestigious law firm of Sidley Austin, where she eventually met Barack. So, this book is insightful, moving and deeply personal. I can’t put in words how refreshingly honest she has penned down Becoming, all the important decisions she had taken in life, she almost is just like us all.

What I loved most about this book is that there is hardly any negativity in the book; there is no gossip, and nothing aiming at the opposing rule. Yes, there are brief mentions but if you like her, you are going to love this one.

The audiobook of Becoming is equally amazing. It was my first ever audiobook and hearing her narrate her memoir, was truly heartfelt and made it more personal. You become emotional with her, you smile at those silly things she did, and there are moments that make you go Aww. You get to witness the self-doubt, grief, and criticisms she faced. You get to know what it was like to be a black woman trying to find a place in the world and the grim realities. You get to know her as a daughter, sister, wife, and mother before anything else. And you get to know what it was like to be a FLOTUS.

So, no. Becoming is not a political thriller and she blatantly says she doesn’t like politics. Why one feels the book is so relatable is because you get to experience first-hand, her directness and openness, as if you are talking woman-to-woman. To have heard her, read her like that – ah, it was so memorable!

I, with all my heart, recommend this truly inspiring, profound and thought-provoking book! A book that asks you to believe in yourself, come what may.

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