Dear 16-year-old Me #writebravely

Dear 16-year-old Me,

I know you are going through tough times. But I promise you, Mom will get better soon. She is weak from all the life-sucking chemotherapy and radiations sessions. Be strong and be there for your Dad. He is going through the worst phase of his life.

You are currently a senior in high school and I know how much it sucks. Especially, in a Military school for boys. Just because Dad teaches at the school, you decided to be a day scholar and share the same fate as the other nine girls. How unfortunate and how you wish you’d a girlfriend, for all the giggles, secrets and happiness.

Your best friendships are yet to come– friends who will stay up late with conversations that never cease, friends who will encourage you to make ‘better’ choices and not to ‘compromise’ yourself for people who are not worth it. I would also like to add, not to let anyone treat you as a choice. You are so much better than to be treated without respect.

You will learn that grades and marks are not always everything in life. You will understand that even when you score cent percent in your Biology classes, you will choose to become an Engineer. In order to keep your sanity alive, do things that you love doing. Compere, Debate, and most importantly, Dance more. It’s the one thing you have always been proud of and so are your Mom and Dad. Pursue it always, at least as a hobby. You will know what difference it will make in your life. 

Dear 16-year old me

I am not saying that things will change drastically. Our futures are unpredictable.

You will meet cute boys and your heart will be broken a zillion times. But remember. You learn from your mistakes and you’ll make choices that will allow you to sail smoothly. This lesson will be learnt in the most brutal of ways though. But don’t push away what you have and don’t run from it too. Let yourself fall to the point of insanity. Make sure that you tell him how you feel because you’re going to learn that he matters so much. Pretty soon, he’s going to break your heart and you’re going to think you’re dying, but it should not be because you let him walk away. 

Give a chance. To Love, Friendships and all relationships. It’s never too late to rekindle. I know that you love to be independent. But there are circumstances when you simply need other people. Okay. So, don’t roll your eyes. You will need a person just to tell you that things will be alright, to give you a hug, and lend a shoulder to lean on. Don’t assume and start asking.

Love people in a beautiful way. Everyone has problems. People may not treat you nicely. They may lash out on you. Learn to forgive and forget. Always try to bring a smile to someone’s face. Be someone’s hope.

Last but not the least, stop blaming yourself for all the evil in the world. Start giving yourself a little more credit. Know that I am full of admiration for you. No one would have survived all that! Know that you are special, brave and courageous. Simply Know That.

Love Always,


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Day 1: Jun 24 – “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.” – The Lion King


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