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Ten Traveling Instagram Pets That Will Inspire Wanderlust in You

From Kerala to Spain, Santorini to Pacific Northwest, on trains to flights these traveling Instagram Pets will inspire wanderlust in you. I haven’t been to any other place than my monthly visit to the vet. Well, I am just a three and a half-month-old pupper. So, I am hoping I still have to wander the world! Check these Insta accounts. They are fabulous!

a. Ripley and Ozzie

Mudrolling, playing in the snow, beautiful landscapes along with two adorable furballs – this account is a must-follow!

b. The Miami Traveller Dog

Ha! You’d definitely get jealous of this tiny Italian Chihuahua Dog.

Did you know the Wiener Riesentad (the Vienna Giant Wheel) was the World’s tallest Ferris wheel from 1920 till 1985? ๐ŸŽก It was constructed in 1897 and it’s located at the entrance of the Prater Amusement park in Leopoldstadt. ๐ŸŽ ๐ŸŽข It’s one of the Vienna’s popular attractions and symbolizes the district as well as the city for many people! The vintage atmosphere makes this place very special! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜˜#miami_traveller_dog #Prater #Wien #TravelingPets #city #vienna #architecture #Austrianvacation #AmusementPark #happydog #traveller #ilovemydog #vacationfeels #bestwoof #madeinitaly #wanderlustdog #TLdogs #adorabledog #tlpicks #italianlove #chihuahualove #travelwithpets #littledog #Iamatraveler #travelingdog #cutestdog #bluesky #smilingdog

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c. Pechanga the Cat

The furball with strong hiking goals! Yes. He is at the Grand Canyon!

Happy moments in nature.

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d. Aspen The Mountain Pup

The six-year-old Golden Retriever from Colorado travels around the world with his owner. Just look at him! My My My!

Next time can I paddle? ๐Ÿ›ถ . Photo: @hunter_lawrence

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e. Chapati

The stray pup from Kochi, Kerala was adopted by a Ukranian traveling couple and has already traveled about fourteen cities including Thailand and Nepal.

f. Bolt and Keel

Adventure cats who are brothers for life!

Cat cuddles + coffee + camping = the best #boltandkeel

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g. Burma Adventure Cat

h. Jeremy Veach the Pug

Paddling around Lake Mead

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i. Max et Louise

j. Django and Chloe

Django the Dashund and Chloe the Russell Terrier are from Rio and are inseparable since they met 5 years ago.


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