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A Day in the Life of a Puppy

A Day in the Life of a Puppy

It’s morning, I wake up and whine;
Mom pats my head and I do just fine.
I pee on the carpet and go back to bed
“Why no breakfast?”, I wonder and dread.

Dad takes me outside and we walk for a while.
I smell the coriander and strut in style.
Mommy comes with a bowl of hot milk and biskis
I gobble them all in a jiffy.

It’s time to play with Dad before he leaves for work
After which I go under the bed and lurk.
I catch my sleep and dream of Scooby Doo
That’s when I howl and cry and does Kung-Fu.

I wake up with a jerk and find Mommy smile
“It’s not funny”, I glare and scowl.
We go to the lawn and I sniff off everything that we pass
Chew on sticks, leaves, mud, and grass.

I sneak out and run at full throttle
Leaving my Mom fearful and fretful.
I make a dash for the stair
Mom is pretty quick, I swear.

She takes out the blob of mud that I tried to gulp in
But all I do is look at her and grin.
I throw up a bit and peek at her
Uh-Oh! She looks aghast with horror.

Mom phones Dad and says “I am scared”,
All I wonder is, “What’s there to despair?”
Mom sits in the sun and reads a book
I smell the flowers and give an “it’s yum yum” look.

I love it outside for I hop into Dad’s shoe
Scratch at a flea and chase the big moo.
I sniff the grass. I sniff the wind.
I sniff and sniff until Mom declares,”Let’s go in!”

I wait near the door as Daddy comes in
I bark at him and wag my tail
I turn on my charms and there’s no need to wail.

Mom feeds me Fish Pulao,
Dad let loose a chuckle as I go round and round the bowl.
Evening has come and Dad takes me to the lawn
I play fetch with him, though all I do is roll on the ball.

He calls me Rabbit and Mommy calls me Mongoose
All out of sheer love, but I get confused.
I race through the home and scatter my toys
I play with Mr.Fishy and Ms. Duckie, my bae.

Ah! Mom turns off the light and says, “It’s time for bed”
Dad says, “Let’s go, boy”, and pats my head.
I get in the bed and think of my day
It was so much fun, I got to play.

Mom tucks me in and gives me a kiss,
Snuggles me tight, oh! It’s sheer bliss.
She kisses me again and whispers so softly,
“Love you and sleep tight, my darling Muffy”.

– Woof Woof 🐾

Mufasa aka Muffin aka Muffy

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This post was written in response to the Idea Prompt- “Describe a typical day in your life, including the innermost thoughts that run through your mind as you go through it”.

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Prompts for 02nd March 2018 – choose any one:

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  2. “Happiness sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open”.~ John Barrymore
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