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Poor me! Playing the Victim Card! #FridayReflections

Playing the victim card is the easiest way to pass through life.

We all have that friend who always has some issue. There is always something to complain about. And often it’s about the most trivial of things, like spilling the coffee on his favorite tee or running out of toilet paper. She still uses a decade old injury as an excuse to not exercise. Then there are some who are frustrated with life. They believe that life let them down. Alas! they fail to realize that it is almost the individuals who don’t realize they are the cause of their demise!

Playing the Victim Card FridayReflection

Playing the Victim Card

I had a friend who always had girlfriend issues. He could never move on with his life even after the love of his life ditched him, married and is now the mother of two.

Pity me damn it. How dare you! You don’t know what I’m going through! Treat me like I’m special. Because I’m in pain!

Don’t you think it is high time he fixes himself? He tried, I would say, the dating websites and Tinder. But no. He is in constant pain. I believe you ought to wind your brain to help yourself.

If you are in a bad relationship because you choose to be in one, then you’re not a victim. You’re a moron. There is a difference and a big one at that.

Playing a victim card often means slow poisoning themselves. It makes you weaker. Most of the times, they don’t even know about it. How do I know about it? Because I used to spew the exact same garbage. Life made me leave my job, life made me come into this damned place with zero opportunities etc. But I grew out of it.

Conscious efforts to break something which was about to become a habit.

Playing the victim doesn’t take you anywhere. It is often tricking yourself into the point of self-blaming and self-loathing. It makes you take advantage of other’s sympathy- poisonous to both yourself and others around you. It makes you talk only about yourselves, bit by bit bringing negativity into your friends’ or spouse’s lives.

No one really chooses to be a victim. It is just how the mind works, a strategy to deal with life and stay in your comfort zone. You numb yourselves, get attention and sympathy and avoid taking responsibilities.

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However difficult it may seem, these are the things you could do to help yourself:

Everyone is a victim of something. But not everyone chooses to behave with a victim mentality. Stop blaming – yourself, others and life. Learn the act of letting go the bitterness and anger from the past hurts. Forgive yourself and the person or situation that caused you pain. Learn to be mindful, to be in the moment. This will help to build the confidence to move on. Train your mind to be a survivor.

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Prompts for 5th January 2018 – choose any one:

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  2. “As long as you feel like a victim, you are one.” – Morgan Freeman
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