To the Sound of the Beach

I sigh and snuggle against him, feeling the beat of his heart… or was that my own? His peepers are sleepy and droopy but still manages to smile at me. He places behind my ears, those few strands of hair that is falling over my face. He plants a kiss on my forehead and leaves. I purr under the covers for I know the day has just begun and he would already be out for his morning jog.

It’s a beautiful morning. The sun is up, the skies are blue and I can hear the soothing sound of the waves just outside of our home. I roll out from my bed, stretches in the direction of the sun and looks at the beautiful sight unfolding in front of my eyes. The sea- my one true love! I decide to take a stroll along the shore with the waves kissing my feet. The seagulls are looking for its catch, swooping down the onto the water every now and then. The sky is painted with tints of blue, orange and yellow. The scene is truly something to behold. As I walk, I feel at peace and welcome the beginning of my day by the seashore.

to the sound of the beach

As I return home after an hour, I get the familiar aroma of food. I smile, for he is in the kitchen cooking the only dish he has perfected through the many years of trials and experiments- scrambled eggs and toast! I join him with some cut mangoes, a cup of tea for him and a large cup of coffee for myself. We sit on the verandah overlooking the sea and chit chat over breakfast.

He gets ready for work and kisses me goodbye as he leaves. I sit down to list out the ‘things to do’ for the day and my phone rings. It’s Mom and she informs me of the ‘surprise’ visit that Dad is planning. Thank God she decided to give a heads up! I should get to the market to pick out some fresh meat. After all, it is Dad who is coming home!

I quickly respond to some emails from work. The happiness of having an everyday income from the three things I love doing- blogging, dancing and owning a cafe. I quickly make a phone call to Priya to take care of the cafe for the day. Oh! I should inform my students not to turn up for the dance sessions as well. Today is dedicated just for Dad.

I give a tinkle to my husband about the ‘special’ lunch I am preparing and the need for him to be at home when Dad arrives. I quickly wear a white shirt and blue jeans and pull out my sneakers.

I love shopping at the supermarkets. I mean, look at the neatly stacked items on the shelves! Oh! the different colored Capsicums! I can stand here for hours at a stretch gazing them without getting bored. But I decide to pickup a perfectly dressed Duck, some fresh greens, eggs, and other necessities. On my way back, I buy a pretty bunch of yellow tulips as well.

I put on some music, specifically “Ma Baker” by Boney M and prepare lunch. Such fond memories this song brings! Mamma always shakes a leg at the tune whenever she cooked.  She is a delight to watch and this is one of her favorite songs. A smile creeps on my face and I decide to prepare Dad’s favorite Honey Barbequed Chicken Salad, Lemon herb Duck breasts, some warm tortilla chips and salsa.

Just as I lay out the meal, Dad comes in. Such joy!

As we catch up on how Mom decided to give me a heads up, his son-in-law comes back from work and joins in the chitter chatter. Dad leaves by evening after having tea and cakes from my cafe and another round of gup-shup. I do not forget to send across some Orange Chiffon Cakes for mom and Toffee Crunch Cake for my little sister.

Husband and I decide to head out to the beach. While he plays beach volleyball with his friends, I grab my sunscreen, roll up my jeans, sit down on the beach chair, to unwind myself with a cheerful book. But no, Mowgli wants to play. Mowgli is our beautiful Golden Retriever, the apple of our eyes. As I play a long game of catch with him, I hear my husband calling out my name. I smile and wave at him. I then glance at those gorgeous ladies who have joined him for the game. Well, well… I simply laugh it off. For now!

We head back home, freshen up and do our daily prayers. Dinner. Corn on the cob. Smiles. Laughter. Music. Slow Dancing… as the sun falls behind the sea. He opens a bottle of good wine and we hold hands. We crawl into our king-sized bed with pillows and duvet.

As he kisses me goodnight, I ask whether he had a fun time during the game. He has a hearty laugh, gives a small knock on my head and teases me for the pout on my face. “You are the love of my life, Shalu. Now and for always”, he says. I let out a silent prayer for this perfect lil’ life of ours and falls asleep in his arms, to the sound of the beach.

P.S: Who doesn’t love to live by the beach, listening to the splashing waves and screams of the seagulls. This is simply my take on a perfect day of my life, someday in the future!

‘I am taking part in ‘The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6‘. On Day 1 we wrote about a treasure. On Day 2 we wrote about a resource. Day 3 was to feature a map. The prompt for today is to feature a day in your life.


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