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5 Photo Editing Tools for Bloggers

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As a blogger, you need to bring your A game, put your best foot forward and stand out from the rest of the crowd. It includes creating the best quality pictures and graphics for your blog even though all you wanted to do was write about your dog, in the first place. But then you’ve come across some stunning visuals while reading someone’s blog and there it is! The first pangs of ‘God! How does he do it?’ You know the content is just so-so but the images are eye-candy. You can’t figure out why your images are nowhere near his apparently great sense of design. You know you cannot burn a hole in your pocket by buying some fancy equipment. What do you do then?

Let’s just say it is possible to create stunning visuals and images for your blog without breaking the bank. Nowadays, iPhones and other smartphones come with some pretty kick-ass cameras. Add in some cool photo editing apps and you will end up with fabulous images. With the power of internet bestowed upon you, you can also create stunning visuals from websites as well. Here are five of my favorite photo editing tools for bloggers.

5 Photo Editing Tools for Bloggers

5 Photo Editing Tools for Bloggers

a. PicMonkey:

Since the initial days of my blogging journey, I have loved using PicMonkey. It is one of the most popular free online design tool that offers plenty of photo editing options including image touch ups and custom effects. It is easy to use and you can also create collages and graphic designs. PicMonkey has recently included a wide set of templates as well so that you can customize your own photos. Check out their free tutorials here that would help you perfect photo editing like a pro… which brings me to another of my favorites.

Picmonkey for bloggers

b. Canva:

I’m in love with Canva for it can create professional Photoshop-quality images even with their basic free version. They have a huge collection of inbuilt free images, templates and graphic elements to start with. I know for a fact that many bloggers use Canva for creating stunning images for their blogs and social media. I also use it for my personal use, by creating cute birthday and anniversary cards and photo collages. You can check out my post here on Write Tribe where I’ve written a tutorial on how to create photo collages using Canva.

Canva for Bloggers

c. Snapseed:

Snapseed is my current favorite photo editing app that I use. Available both on iOS and Android, it helps to make your images look gorgeous in no time at all. You can add cool texts, frames, and filters and it is ready to rock your Instagram account! Best of all, it is free! I always give it a quick once over before uploading anything to my Instagram account.

d. VSCO:

I know a lot of professional photographers who use VSCO as their go-to editing app. It is available both for iOS and Android, and houses all the elements that a basic photo editing tool offers. What makes it different is the opportunity to connect and share with a community of photographers. Search #VSCO on Instagram to know how popular the app is.

e. PicsArt:

Want to create funny memes, sketches, or stunning art? PicsArt is the one for you. I am still learning from the wide array of tutorials it offers, but it sure looks exciting. From being a basic image editor to collage maker, it also transforms your selfies, creates amazing backgrounds and offers cool filters.

P.S: This is not a Sponsored Post. Cos’ you know, all these tools are free! Like it? Do you use any other photo editing software? I’d love to know.

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