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The Grotto, Rayavadee

The Grotto, Rayavadee is one of those places you need to see in your lifetime. Also known as Cave Dining, The Grotto is caressed by limestone cliffs at the hem of the stunning Phranang Beach. This romantic restaurant is a part of the luxurious Rayavadee Resort. But, it is open for everyone who would like to have a romantic dining experience.

The Grotto Rayavadee Restaurant

Rayavadee Resort is one of the first hotels in the world that practiced Sustainable Development with the idea of water and energy conservation. They also aimed at resource preservation by protecting the beaches and coral life, as early as 1990. Winner of many awards including World’s Best Restaurants 2016, the prestigious WWF International President’s Award in 2012, Rayavadee is truly a gem of a place. They have also got a renowned Spa and Boutique for a five-star experience.


Rayavadee Resort is only accessible by a boat. It is close to Krabi and you can easily catch one from here. While the transfer service is free for the Rayavadee Resort guests, it can be accessible from both Railey and Phranang Beaches.

Rayavadee Resort Krabi

Dining at The Grotto, Rayavadee and Ticking Off from my Bucket List:

When we started planning for a Thailand vacation, I was sure that I wanted to include Krabi to the list of places to visit. Well, if Krabi was to be included, I couldn’t let go of the one thing which I really, REALLY wanted to do in life. It wasn’t bungee jumping or snorkeling! It was to dine at the beautiful Grotto!

The Grotto - Phrang Nang Beach

While it is ridiculously expensive to stay at this luxury resort, I started my research well in advance to know if The Grotto is open for outsiders. And there we were, sitting at one of those teakwood tables, sand on your feet, relishing some exquisite seafood barbecue with a stunning view of the sea and limestone cliffs.

The Grotto Rayavadee Restaurant Images

It is not cheap! You are going to pay a premium for the whole experience – well, exclusivity comes at a cost!

The Grotto Rayavadee Restaurant - How to get to Rayavadee

Honestly, we were fortunate enough because the restaurant was closed for the next few days in lieu of a wedding. I had shed tears of joy when the universe conspired to give it to me.

Dining at Rayavadee = Dine at Grotto Images

How to go to The Grotto, Rayavadee

The only way to get here is by a longtail boat from Krabi to Phranang Beach. The guests at the Rayavadee Resort can access from Railey beach as well.

Opening and Closing hours of The Grotto, Rayavadee

The Grotto is open from 12 pm to 8 pm

Would you head to the Grotto next time you visit Krabi?

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