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Thailand is popular for its massages and spas. Head to any part of the country and you can see massage parlors at every nook and corner. A trip to Thailand is not complete without a Thai massage and wellness treatment.

Thai Massage and Spa- Thailand Massages

I am a sucker for massages and it was evident after getting one every other day on our 14-day trip. The very first day saw me exhausted and tired after a long flight journey. All I did was sleep for a good 4-5 hours after checking in to our hotel in Phuket. We decided to stroll along the beachside at night but ended up in a night market at the Patong Beach area. It was called the Malin Plaza and there were hundreds of shops inside selling food, souvenirs, and clothes. And then we saw an array of large fish tanks. A couple had dipped their feet inside one of the fish tanks and then I realized that it was a fish spa! I have taken a fish spa in India long before, so I really wanted to experience one in Thailand as well.

Thailand Fish Spa:

My husband was more than happy, but no! He wasn’t ready to join me. I braved myself to do it because these were fairly big fishes. Yeek! I was screaming all throughout the fifteen minutes as the fishes did their job.

Thailand Fish Spa

As they nibbled on the dead skin on my feet, I pondered over the health issues. But I was happy to see the organizer washing the feet and examining for injuries or scratches before allowing anyone to dip their feet in the tanks.

Weird? I know!

Why a Thai Massage?

After island hopping and relaxing on the beaches, it is natural that you get sun tanned or sun burnt. Undergoing a traditional Thai massage will help you soothe the pain. Thai massages are more than just indulgence or pampering. It has been part of their culture for centuries. It is said that the Buddhist missionary monks from India brought with them the massage and healing techniques to Thailand. These were absorbed by Thai folk healers and became popular here. The masseuse uses their thumbs, elbows, knees and feet and will also walk on your back, straddle your body and swing you around to mimic the stretching poses of yoga.

Massages can be painful but it helps in relaxing the muscles. They help in relieving pain and stress and also helps in better health and rejuvenation. The moment you get into a parlor you will understand their professionalism and dedication.

PC: Pixabay:

A traditional Thai massage doesn’t involve the use of oil. But, many modern spas have adapted it by using aromatherapy oils to increase the therapeutic benefits. Thus, Aloe vera and Aroma massages are quite popular in Thailand. You can also choose a Head and Shoulder massage or a Foot Massage if you do not prefer a full body massage. But be sure to get one. Believe me, after all the walking you would wish someone would pamper you. The massages are dead cheap and come for about 250 to 400 Baht for a one-hour session. Oh, the experience is worth so much more!

Tell me, are you a massage person? Wouldn’t you undergo a foot massage at least if you were in Thailand?


I am writing all about Thailand this April for the A to Z Challenge 2017. Thanks for all the love you’ve showered on this space! You can also check out my food blog for A to Z Indian Dishes to Die For. 

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