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Her Secret Husband #BookReview

Title: Her Secret HusbandHer Secret Husband Book Review
Author: Sundari Venkataraman
Genre: Fiction/Romance Novella


The Maheshwaris are back, a little secretly this time!

 What do you do if you find a man who looks like chocolate, speaks like warm syrup, looks at you like you were the most precious cake ever created, and he can bake too? You marry him, even if in secret.
 Ruma Malhotra falls head over heels and a little more in love with Lakshman Maheshwari, but her parents insist that she marry a rich businessman of their choice. When Ruma’s only option is to marry Lakshman in secret, she is left torn between her love for her parents and her passion for Lakshman. Is a secret marriage the solution or will it lead the way to a public disappointment?
 Lakshman Maheshwari falls in love with Ruma Malhotra the first time he sets his eyes on her in Ranveer’s office. Will he agree to marry Ruma in secret even if it means betraying his parents?
 Psst… Those who have read THE MALHOTRA BRIDE might be happy to reconnect with Sunita & Akshay Malhotra in this one.

*MARRIAGES MADE IN INDIA is a five-novella series that revolves around the characters you have met in The Runaway Bridegroom.


Her Secret Husband is the third book in ‘Marriages Made in India’ series – the first two being The Smitten Husband and The Drunken Wife. If you’ve been following my reviews, you will know I am a big fan of Sundari Venkataraman. That said, I couldn’t stop myself from buying the book on its release date itself. I confess that the review may be repetitive because that’s how it is! It is a given that if you read Sundari Venkataraman’s books you will find:

The language and flow of the story? Impeccable ✔

Brings to light social norms or issue ✔

Strong characters ✔

Sizzling hot chemistry ✔

A kind of hero, you’d fall in love with ✔

And it leaves you wanting for more! ✔

Her Secret Husband is the story of Ruma Malhotra and Lakshman Maheswari. They are perfect for each other and fall head over heels in love. Ruma comes from a conservative family who believes in arranged marriages and women not working after marriage. Her parents insist that she marry a rich businessman of their choice. But she is a feisty woman and is not the one who will let destiny decide things for her. Ruma and Lakshman care for their families but are left with no other choice than do the inevitable – to marry in secret. Lakshman believes that his family will support and accept them when they find out the truth.

The author brings out the fun element of a secret marriage. The planning and plotting and the twists and turns add to its charm. It is also great to read about the Maheshwari family as the complete series is centered around them. The Maheswari brothers are perfect, sexy, young, gentlemen who never forget their roots and also believes in the family traditions. Their stories are different and it was fun getting to know them through each of the books in this series. The author has beautifully portrayed the Indian family system and the bond of a large, loving, close-knit family is heartwarming.

Do I Recommend? YES! A refreshing read that celebrates young love and family values!

Rating? Shining 5 stars from me!


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