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Life isn’t always unicorns and sunshine. You may end up in an awkward meal at your new neighbor’s. Or your significant other may break up with you. Or that new haircut makes you look like Magica de Spell from Duck Tales. You may miss your flight. Your world could be upside down. And nothing is what you thought it was. There’s a flip side to the bright side and recognizing that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

My friends and family know that I am a pessimist. Not that I don’t expect great things from life. Oh, I do. But I also do a reality check often. For everything. I would bring the life jacket for a boat.


How many times have I uttered the sentence ‘I feel so dumb‘, ‘I made a fool out of myself‘! Somewhere between the “Please don’t go’s” and the “Fine, I don’t need you anyway’s,” I’ve come to think that I am, in fact, the world’s biggest idiot. I always believe that things can go wrong any second from now. And yes, it has always been so, and I am not even surprised. After almost every let down I find myself saying, ‘I figured that would happen‘.

I hate confrontations. I would any day take roundabouts and would do all I can to avoid conflicts. I also take forever to forgive someone. I take pride in forgetting things in a blink of the eye but the hurt remains. I am deeply emotional and I trust my intuition more than what I see or hear. If that makes me think twice a hundred times before considering you as my best friend, then yes, I might as well be a pessimist.


Cross your heart and say that you haven’t for once had this thought that there is not one soul who reads what you write. I think that often, even when the stats prove me wrong. I have had my drafts section brimming with unpublished poems and recipes, my hard drive swarmed with food pics which has never seen the light of the day.

Of doing things I love

I am creative. Yes, I admit. I can dance like a dream, make beautiful sketches (you didn’t know that, did you?) and just about make things with paper or clay. Do I do it? No. Because I find myself saying I’m too fat to dance, the sketches are rubbish and the origami can be done by anyone.

So, while I know that life is all bright and sunshine yellow, it isn’t also all escaloped eels and toad pie.

Tell me, are you an Optimist or Pessimist? Do you want to change yourself?

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