Old Wine in a New Bottle – My move to Self-hosted!

There are some changes to this little space. I am sure, you, my dear readers would’ve noticed that since the start of this new year. I have moved to a self-hosted blog and the decision was mulled over for long.

My food blog ‘Something’s Cooking‘ has been self-hosted since April and it was a tedious process. I hated the very decision of self-hosting for I didn’t know zilch about it. If not for the help and guidance from few dear blogger friends namely Jaibala Rao, I would’ve even quit blogging. That said, I had also loved the freedom of having my own little space in this vast wide web where I can customize my blog design and pretty much do anything.

When it came to this blog, I was confused. I knew I had to make a decision for I wanted to take her to the next level. I had heard of Host My Blog in Twitter, thanks to Blogchatter, and the prompt and reliable service they offer to bloggers. I knew of many bloggers who had easily moved to self-hosting via HMB and it was a piece of cake. And what more? It is so easy on the pocket as well.

Host My Blog Review

I had contacted them and they had helped me choose a package which was suitable for my three and half year old blog. Of course, I was skeptical, me, being me. I was put off by self-hosting because the last time was a bummer. So, I again took some time and then when I was brave enough to face my fears, I contacted them again.

I had close to 500 posts and 1000+ images on my blog, which made me choose the Competent package where in, it is INR 1299 for the first year and INR 1999 for the subsequent years. They had assured me that I wouldn’t be having any downtime and that in a maximum of three hours my new self-hosted blog will be set up.

After I had made the payment, all I did was chill, listen to music and scroll through twitter. I knew I didn’t have to worry about anything. At all. In about an hour, I was informed that the data had been migrated, (yes! All the 500 posts, comments, tags, 1000+ images!) and so was my subscribers. It was jaw dropping. Honestly! I immediately logged in, tallied and verified the numbers and oh, it was all there.

I cannot hold back and I am pretty impulsive. I am jumpy all the time and I cannot postpone things. If I set my mind on something, I will have to do it then and there. Thus, I set about customizing my blog at 12-ish and came up with what you can see right now. The beautiful header and layout to be precise. Ha, how happy I am to find my blog sitting pretty on your desktop and mobile right now.

Host My Blog has this motto of helping bloggers by taking care of the techie stuff. HMB was patient in answering all my silly billy doubts and also recommended few plugins. Believe me, I had the nerve to ping them at odd hours and they were available. Seriously! They had also helped me with Site Re-direction from my old URL. I knew they were equally excited for my blog and I cannot thank them enough for making this move a cakewalk for me. Yes, it was a breeze!

[tweetshare tweet=”HMB had done all the ugly, yucky back end stuff and had made sure that I had a wide grin on my face, at the end of the day.” username=”kohleyedme”]

HMB had done all the ugly, yucky back end stuff and had made sure that I had a wide grin on my face, at the end of the day.

This is in no way a Sponsored post and I am writing this with lots of love in my heart for HMB.  I had already urged few of my blogger friends to take that leap into self-hosting with them. You’ll not regret your decision. That I can vouch for.


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