Hello 2017 and #WordOfTheYear

After ‘jingle all the way’ and crazy new year celebrations, it’s time to ponder over how you want to make this year count. I suck at resolutions and hence making a Not-To-Do Resolutions had worked out in the past. This year too, I made a fun list and is hoping to stick to it. But, there is this one tradition that I’ve followed since the past two years and that is choosing a Word of the Year.

With the word ‘Embrace‘ in 2015, I made it a point to stop fighting hard for people who are not worth your time. That it is hopeless to wait for things to take a dramatic turn and it is always better to speak your heart and get it over with. There are things in life that you can’t change. Why fret over it? Everything happens for a reason and if it is meant to be, it will be. Today, when I look back to that year, I can laugh at the stupidities I have done. No, there are no regrets. But, if given a chance, I would rewrite the whole episode for good.

I hardly wrote anything on this space and many a times, I had even decided to quit (Really!). But then, I pulled everything together and resolved to ‘Focus‘ in 2016. There were some life changing decisions that I had to take and I am not upset. I have never imagined to see myself in the present situation ever in my life, but I’m trying to make the best of it. I have made some beautiful friendships- both offline and online, focused on writing and taking both my blogs to the next level by making them self-hosted, participating and winning contests and moreover, to appreciate the little things in life.

I found myself smiling more often and spreading smiles and cheer. Yes, I miss those ‘little somethings‘ from the past. But, it’s okay. I’m happy for them. While I type this, I have a smile on my face, for I think I’ve gotten up from the mess I was in. I was the root and I was the cause. And I had gone looking for something that would glue the many broken pieces of my heart and protect me. But then, little did I know that it was I who should take care of myself.

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Today, I am sharing the Word I chose for 2017.

And that is ‘Thrive‘.

To thrive is to prosper or flourish. It means to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances.

I will be honest. Things are a little messy as I am trying to do so many things. So, this year is to find and focus on what I love doing the most. Not living one’s passion can quickly lead to unhappiness in all areas of life.

Thus, my focus will be to ‘Thrive’ during the next 12 months. I hope that I continue to improve my health via dance, exercise and proper diets. That I focus on both my blogs and take them to the next level. To travel more and explore. To make time for myself no matter how lazy or busy I am. And most importantly, I hope to take the opportunities I have been given and establish myself. As I make decisions I will ask myself if the decision I am making will help me to thrive or to stay stagnant.  I want to overcome that fear of over analyzing things leading to paralysis.

I was looking for a quote on Thriving and came across the below quote by Maya Angelou. It has summed up what I truly wish for this year and life.

Thrive - Word of the Year - 2017 - New Year - Maya Angelou - Quotes

I know that the year ahead will have moments that may be difficult but I am also excited for what may be! I hope you stick around as I embark on this exciting journey. Have you chosen your Word of the Year? Written about it? Please leave me the links to your post?





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