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Of Old Resolutions and New

New Year Resolutions. We all make them during those last days of December only to break them in the first week of January. I have made many resolutions and I am cheerfully, shamelessly declaring that I could never follow them.

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

– Oprah Winfrey

From taking a cheesy lovey-dovey photo in front of the Eiffel with my husband to going Zero size, from having that sexy tattoo to growing long hair, from getting my first pet dog to swimming with the dolphins, I have made them all. And these are some recurring resolutions that I aim to live up to, every single year. Alas! In vain.

But, neither could I go for our honeymoon (yeah, it’s been four years since we’ve been married) nor could I lose even 500 gm from my Panda-like body. That prompted me into doing a Not-To-Do List for 2016 and I think I could do justice this time.  Anyway, what stopped me from achieving my resolutions? Was it me? Or were the resolutions I took were too hard? Didn’t I enjoy doing them? Or was it just for namesake?

I think, if you are serious about it, resolutions should be time-bound. That, it should have an expiry date. They should be divided into small, achievable goals. Take for example, you plan to make ‘I will travel more’ as a resolution. But where? When? I have decided to go to Krabi before 28th of February. That’s achievable. One, it is not Europe. It’s just Thailand. Two,  you’ve figured out an expiry date. It’s neither too far away nor too close. You can easily plan and book your tickets. I really hope my husband is reading this.

Lo and behold, this year around, I’m taking up these five fun resolutions because these are some things that the hopeless and hapless New Year’s resolute-ers like me should take.

Resolutions - New Year 2017

a. Finish that lipstick. No, I am not much of a makeup lover and I cannot put my foundation right. Yeek! I don’t even use foundation. But you can always spot me with KOHL EYES and a dash of fuchsia lipstick. I don’t tend to experiment with lipsticks as well and hence I was over the moon when I saw my Maybelline Bold Matte was finished in a year. For a girl, that is an achievement and I tend to follow that this year too.

b. Separate those colors from my whites. I’ve often found my white shirts turning into a faded blue or peach by the time I take them out of the washing machine for drying. No. Not anymore. And P’s jeans will not be washed along with my delicate dresses.

c. Grow a plant. When we moved to this new quarters, P and I had all sorts of plans. To grow a mini-kitchen garden and filling our lawn with beautiful plants and flowers topped the list. But the seeds which we purchased from Kerala in June still remain untouched and our so-called lawn is barren. Of course, P claims that I’ve made him lazy too. But I guess, it’s just the weather.

d. Grow my nails. I CANNOT grow my nails. At all. No, I don’t bite them. Gross! But I keep cleaning them and they’re breaking by its own. How I wish I can grow them and do pretty nail art like my sister does. Oh, I envy her for such long lovely nails.

e. Turn Facebook notifications off on phone. My phone keeps beeping every other minute and that’s just because I put the notifications on for some fab FB pages that I had come across. I should turn them off at least on phone for I’m done burning that scrambled eggs over and again.

There are some Personal and Blogging Goals that I’m set to do this year and believe me, this time I’m dead serious about it all. And you’ll definitely see them all here, in this lil’ space of mine.

But now, I’d urge you to follow me on Instagram for I’m planning to do 365 Days of Happiness Pictures, starting Jan 1. Hope to see you there.

I am writing for #FlashbackRefreshed activity at forfoodiefamily in association with Sandy’s Bake Studio.


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