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11 Coffee Quotes That I Love

Whether it is Hammerhead, Long Black or a Latte Macchiato, if you love coffee there is a strong chance that is a fiery love. A savage love. The ‘I can’t live without you’ love. Trust me. This is coming from someone who recently went through an excruciating coffee detox. And I learnt that there is no life without coffee. Warm weather be damned. Let winter come out of it’s hiding place. A hot cup of coffee is ideal for any and all good occasions. Ha! Bad too. I know, in some part of the world there are arguments on whether this glorious drink is good or bad for us and on how many cups can be consumed in a day. But does that really stop us from our undying love for coffee?

If you are a follower of my blog, you would by now know my love for coffee is eternal and immortal. And that’s exactly why I began the series If we were having coffee here, every Monday. There were days when my day started and ended with coffee. Even when husband and I were dating, we always ended up choosing a coffee shop over others. To top it all, I have uncovered 11 of my favorite coffee quotes that would warm your heart just like your morning cup warms your soul.


Isn’t this what coffee means to you? Well, this is exactly how it means to me!


At least one cup a day. A large cup though.


Oh, I second that! I wouldn’t say I am an introvert. But I like traveling in silence.


Told you, I tried giving up coffee. Those were the worst days of my life. Literally.


Ha! “What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book and a cup of coffee?”, said Anthony Trollope.


Don’t know? You ought to experience that.


That is my battle cry on most days. And on the rest of the days, it’s the one below.


id-rather-take-coffee-than-compliments-just-now-8Ha! Bliss.


That goes without saying.


What have you got to say on that?

Do you have some favorite coffee quote? Share them in the comment section below.

This post is for Day 27 of UBC and Daily Chatter


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