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And that’s what I am!

I can go on and on about the little things I love

For I get jumpy

When I receive a handwritten letter which I’ll ever let go off.

I believe in fairy tales, shooting stars and magical endings

But family and warm hugs are more splendid.

Sunsets and beaches send me to an odd melancholy

But chocolates, new recipes and breakfast in bed? Oh holly molly!


I sulk and seethe at times

But  a fuschia pout or stilettos can help me take a U-turn.

Or I would go for a steaming cup of coffee or watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S underneath a cuddly throw,

For I make sure all the more, that I’m ready to glow.

saree and an LBD excite me equally

Like a calm lake or a loud waterfall makes me clap my hands gleefully.


I love humming a favorite song and a packed dance floor,

and diamonds or pearls don’t excite me anymore.

I could be seen sitting in that lonely corner with a book

But oh Boy! Don’t get me wrong when I go for that sexy tattoo.

Click..click..click I love it,

And so many, many things for the list goes on…

Living my Imperfect Life

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This post is for Day 21 of UBC and Daily Chatter 


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