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10 Ways to Lift your Mood

Bad days are an unavoidable part of life. How much ever you shake your head to say no, they are just bound to happen. Look at me! I was in high spirits since the last couple of days. My energy was high and infectious that I could feel the husband also breezy and lively. May be because it was I returned home from my vacation feeling rejuvenated, but I hopped around the house, cleaning, doing laundry, cooking and “beautifying” the house as if possessed by the cleansing devil.

But little did I know that today I would wake up exhausted. I got up late and by the time a cup of tea was prepared, husband was ready and I had to see him out. I wondered how I could turn things around. What are the things that could lift up my mood?

a. Tea

I am a coffee-addict. No, not an addict now because I starved myself of coffee for three months and that’s how my story of de-addiction of caffeine goes. I’m a firm believer now that a good cup of strong tea would do you good. At least temporarily. Is Masala Chai your favorite? Or Ginger Chai? Peppermint? Or Cardamom? Oh, there are many varieties to choose from.

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b. Bite that apple

It’s true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, may be. But it sure gives your jaw a workout and keeps your hunger pangs at bay.

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c. Walk

I would agree that it was quite hard for me to do because if you’re not in a good mood who would want to leave their house? All you want is to get under the comfort of your blankets and resume your sleep. But I made the move and it wasn’t a bad idea at all. Fresh air and change of scenery was a welcome and the beginning of winter in this part of the country did help in alleviating life’s annoyances.

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d. Shower

I find being immersed in warm water, or standing under a shower is calming and it makes me feel like I’ve ‘washed away’ my worries. Try to use a soap or shower gel with a relaxing scent such as lavender, and light a candle or two for some extra aambiance

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e. YouTube

There are many vloggers who I find very relaxing to watch, possibly because of the topic they’re discussing, or they might just have a particularly soothing voice. But if I don’t feel connected, I go for some funny animal videos or re-watching the FRIENDS series for the nth time. I love Beagle videos and this Louie the Beagle is a winner!

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f. Tidy Up

And I decided to awaken that cleansing devil who possessed me. It is liberating to clear away the clutter and it always makes me feel better. “There’s a correlation between how tidy your surroundings are, and what’s going on in your head“, says my husband a cleanliness freak. Blame it on his Fauji habitude, but if you’re surrounded by mess and disorganization, then quite possibly that’s what you’ll feel like inside. Tackling that pile of papers that needs to be filed, or finally sorting out that messy cupboard or drawer is a little step you can take to make yourself feel better and give yourself a sense of achievement when it feels like nothing else is going well.

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g. Journaling

I keep a little notebook in which from time-to-time I’ll write down the little things that I’m grateful for. Thanks to @blogchatter and @rangroute I have started loving handmade journals. I’ve been doing this for the last six months and it’s beautiful to go back to those few pages of meaningful things. I’ve joined a monthly Gratitude post at Vidya Sury’s and it felt great to pen them down.  Jotting down the menu for the day or week, organizing the budget or a monthly planner for your blog posts also does the trick.

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h. Switch off

Oh, I say switch off your phone and shut down that laptop. Get off social media for a while. Do things that you usually love to do. Checking your Whatsapp messages or going through your Facebook wall time and again tires you out- physically and mentally. It is harmful to your eyes as well.

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i. Baking

Baking is therapeutic. I would say cooking too. But baking is my new found passion. I still do not have an oven, because I fear I would bake more cookies and cakes and stuff my mouth with it. But then I tried my hand in making a gooey, chocolate, perfectly soft cake in a steamer and that was a magical moment.

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j. Sleep

Sometimes no matter what you do, you won’t be able to shift your bad mood. In that case, I’ll call it a day (even if it’s way earlier than my normal bed-time) and go to sleep. That would help you wake up feeling rested, re-freshed and ready to tackle a new day with a more positive frame of mind.

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So, what do you do to lift up your spirits on a bad day? Share with me!


This post is for Day 20 of UBC and Daily Chatter 


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