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If we were having coffee – 10 Oct 2016 #MondayCoffeeShare

Hey, you guys! Welcome to another Coffee Session with me. The last time I told you that I am visiting my parents in Kerala and that I am hoping to have some great time with them. Yes, indeed I am so happy to have this break from mundane tasks in life and I am enjoying my vacation to the fullest.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that husband and I had been planning to visit the Guruvayoor Temple in Thrissur district of Kerala, ever since we got married. I am a Lord Krishna devotee and had visited this Krishna temple many a times with my parents, before my wedding. So, this was due for long and finally we made it during this vacation. The deity is of 5000 years old and non-Hindus are not allowed inside the temple. One should be prepared to wait in queue for at least a couple of hours to get a glance of the God. We were truly fortunate to take all the time we needed in offering our prayers.

If we were having coffee, I would also tell you that many couples prefer to get married here, seeking the blessings of Krishna. The number of marriages held every day ranges from 35 to 100 as it can be held here on any day and at any time. Imagine the rush and frenzy! So each couple is allowed barely three to seven minutes for the wedding ceremony. It is said that the visit to Guruvayoor temple isn’t complete without a visit to Mammiyoor Shiva temple which is hardly a kilometer from the prior. Here, the Lord Shiva can be seen as a family man, with Goddess Parvathy on his lap and Lords Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Ayyappa beside. It was Mammiyur Mahadeva who gave the place to Guruvayurappan. We also paid a visit to Aanakotta (Elephant Fort), the elephant sanctuary in this town. These elephants are indeed offering to Lord Guruvayoorappan from his devotees. They attend duties of the temple and also participate in festivals.

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 We saw 53 of them, and much to my astonishment, they were all loosely tied. We went by around 3 pm which was their feeding time and it was fascinating to watch the elephants eating on palm leaves. All the elephants have names and identities. I got so scared when one came very near me. I literally ran a few meters before turning around to find the elephant walking away gracefully.

If we were having coffee, I would say that I had experienced a great train journey which was scenic and exotic, venturing through backwaters and paddy fields. The mango, coconut and banana trees whizz by in dazzling shades of green. The lush landscapes swirl together with some of the modest rural housings. You can spot little rice boats that plunge deeper into the dense canals.


If we were having coffee, I would say that Home to me reminds me of my Dad’s garden. 🙂 I went shopping with my Mom and little sister after long. It was truly therapeutic when we brought home a huge pile of shoes, handbags, clothes and munchies.


If we were having coffee, I would so sadly say that I still haven’t watched the biopic of our Indian Cricket team Captain, M.S. Dhoni yet! I’m extremely disappointed you know, for not having had the time to watch this movie. No point in me saying that I’m a true blue fan!

If we were having coffee, I would say that never in my dreams did I think I would survive the daily blogging challenge, UBC this October. I know, it has only been ten days. But with all the travelling and vacationing, it is in fact a challenge to have a stable internet connection. I am so happy that you read my posts and encourage me every single day. I would definitely drop by your spaces, once I get back home this weekend.

So, how was your week? If we were having coffee, what would you like to share with me? Let me know.

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