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Of Books and My Most Favorite Word

I loved reading books since childhood. My mom and her sisters had a huge library with over 5000 books of varied genres. Mom always read out stories of Rapunzel and Thumbelina as a kid and that’s how I went to bed at night. She guided me in picking the right books and in fact, was uncompromising in what I read. Oh yes, Mills and Boon was out of reach until I was a teen. I was more into The adventures of Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn or Animal Farm rather than Famous Five. Of course, I drifted into reading the entire collection of Nancy Drew stories when I was in seventh grade. I still remember the librarian looking at me in awe when he compiled how many books I read that entire year.

It was then that I came across the book, ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. There were many new words that were used in the book and Mom helped me understand the meaning of each of them. She used to make me write down the new words I found, find the meaning from the dictionary and make a sentence using each word. This was an exercise I thoroughly enjoyed always. Some of my favorite words came from my reading of this book and it includes magnanimous, unfathomable, sumptuous, zealous and debauched.

But my most favorite of them all is CRESTFALLEN. Such a sad word, I know. But then, I told Mom that I associated with the word, the stars falling from up above. Whenever I think of the word now, I envisage

Of broken crystals and tear drops.

Of broken hearts and sorrow.

Of melancholy and blue.

Of love that ended in a goodbye.

Of forlorn and farewell.

Of hopes that are dashed and feelings dissipated, never to return.

Do you have a favorite word? I would love to know it and why.

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