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“Mira, it’s 6 o’clock. Get up. Up. Up”, Arjun poked her to wake her up from deep slumber.

“Please, Arjun. Five more minutes”, she pleaded.

“No. We’ve been postponing our morning walks since the day you’ve joined me. And it’s been three months. We had decided to take care of our health. And it begins by waking up at least by 6. Remember? Those little changes? Today is Day Three. Come on, Up. up”, he dragged her out of bed.

“Look who’s talking about fitness! You are a fauji. You are as fit as any. Why are you being so mean to me. I had worked like a donkey, day and night before deciding to quit my job in the IT and join you. This is my time for rest and recoup. Leave me alone, Arjun. Please”, Mira literally begged.

Though Arjun felt bad for her, he decided to convince her for her own good. He knew once she was out of bed, she would be fine. And Mira succumbed to his yearning.

The morning walk is a bliss in the Army Cantt. Fresh air, birds and squirrels chirpping and you can see peacocks grazing around in every few hundred meters. “It is a delight to watch Mira squeal with joy whenever she spotted one,” thought Arjun lovingly.

Forty-five minutes and they are back home feeling refreshed. As Arjun sat down with a newspaper, Mira switched on the telly and browsed through to finally settle down with NDTV. She heads straight to kitchen for preparing a cup of green tea and listened to the daily news playing on TV. 20140903_170132As Arjun moves about with his daily chores, Mira is back in kitchen, prepping breakfast. Every Sunday, she managed to make a menu so that there would be variations.

We used to skip our meals and it has badly affected our health. Unhealthy diet and being inactive physically helped it deteriorate faster. Diseases came one after the other and fatigue was her next of kin. I’m so happy that she has decided to take charge now, even if it means taking a break from a job she loved the most“, Arjun thought. “Hmmm..Wednesday it is. Today it would be her favorite Appam and Ishtew after a bowl of oats for breakfast yesterday“, Arjun smiled as put on his Olive Greens and adorned the stars on his shoulders.

So, what plans for today? You had to submit a blog post, right? How’s it going?”, Arjun asked in between his bites of food and sipping his ginger tea.

Oh, Arjun. I am going for Zumba Classes in a while. I will not be able to go in the evening as Mrs. Gupta requested me for some help with the Welfare meet. I will be back by ten and then go about with the blog post. The draft is ready, anyway. It just needs some tweaking.

Okay, hun. I will be back by 2. See you.”, he kissed her on her cheeks and was out for office.

Zumba classes made Mira happy. She could feel genuine happiness since the day she began dancing…again. A trained classical dancer for ten years, a decade ago, Ghungroo defined her life. And now she has slowly started doing things which she loved and she is enjoying this phase of life. After about an hour and a half, she settled down with her laptop to edit her draft. Blogging became a passion for her in the recent years, though she always loved to pen down poems and stories. Arjun was always supportive and that made her feel good. Another hour has gone by and she is off to prepare lunch.

Mira was always particular about the food she cooks. She loved trying out new recipes and Arjun loved being the guinea pig. He was honest about it and that kept Mira going. But they had been restricting their diet since a few weeks. The first step included ditching all the whites from their food – white bread, rice and minimal use of dairy. That means Mira had to learn the one thing she dreaded her whole life- making rotis. Mrs. Gupta, her friend had advised to include grounded flax seeds while making the roti dough. It is rich in Omega 3 and also helps in weight loss and is good for the heart. Ha! And she has made conscious efforts in cutting down the fat and ditching both sugar and salt and even caffeine. 

That was hard for her- to reduce from six cups of coffee a day to eventually none. Working in shifts starting at 5 am or in night shifts, it was these cups of coffee that kept her awake and even sane. It was also a way to de-stress. Now, can’t blame her, can we? But now she realized that there are ways to de-stress like doing yoga, or listening to music or even having at least 8 glasses of water everyday. It was initially hard to keep count. But setting a reminder on phone helped. And today she decided to indulge on some “good” food as she called it. “Arjun would love it. It is balanced too.” Mira said out loud with a smile. It was Jerk Chicken with roasted vegetables and greens on a bed of coconut rice. 

Come evening and they loved to engage in some sports. While he loves playing Golf, Mira indulges in a round of badminton with the ladies before her Zumba Class. Sometimes, it would be cycling or another walk down the park. Else, she would don the hat of an Army Wife and prep up for some Welfare meet or the other.

Lighting the lamp as the sun sets down, gives them time for prayer and meditation. Get-togethers, parties and dining in’s are part of their life and there is dance, music, laughter, fun and frolic. 

As Mira and Arjun retire for bed, they realize that staying active, eating better, and being happy is the key to a healthy heart and life.

“Mira, it’s 6 o’clock. Today is Day Sixty. Come on, Up. up”, he dragged her out of bed. “Don’t you want to pull out the weighing machine and check your weight?” That made Mira sprung up from bed.

“It’s 55! It shows 55, Arjun”, she squealed and jumped with joy.

Mira and Arjun has taken the little steps to a healthy lifestyle. So what do you do to keep your little heart, beat strong? Isn’t improved health everyone’s dream to achieve in this fast world? 

 I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”



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