Gratitude and Me

Gratitude, September and I

It is always good to look back and cherish the little things that made you happy. Those which pushed you to breathe in times of chaos and struggle. So, here I am, penning down my Gratitude list from last month.

Gratitude Poster

  • September had been a good month for me, especially when it came to my blogs. I had enrolled for #MyFriendAlexa campaign by the Blogchatter blogging community with the sole aim of improving my Alexa Rank and taking my blog to the next level. You’ll be amazed at the stats. Here is my report card:report-card I am trying my hand in GA and StumbleUpon these days and I feel much more confident in the various aspects of blogging. I am also glad that I came across many new blogs and I am amazed at their dedication and commitment towards their sites. And that’s something which I want to take back with me. Blogging is definitely about learning and sharing, but it also means having fun and also watching each other’s backs in times of trouble. That’s the true essence of a community.
  • This result would not have been possible without you readers and I’m humbled by the love you shower upon me. When popular bloggers asks you to tag them when the next post in the series is up, that in itself gives you a high, doesn’t it?When I thought about writing a fictional series last month, never in my dreams did I realize that I would be penning down my own little moments in life through Mira and Arjun. It was great to impersonate into these characters and I hope you had as much fun while reading as I had in writing them.Meet Mira & Arjun
  • Those moments of heightened happiness when I won few contests and received the gifts: I had won the WOW contest by Blogadda last August and I got my MiamiBlues sunglasses. When it came out to be a perfect fit, I was overwhelmed with joy. The very next day saw me kicking my heels up in the air, when I received the beautiful Rang Route goodies for a twitter contest I won. I also won a Blogmint Trivia contest one week ago and I am yet to receive the prize. Raining prizes! I know!report-card-1
  • For the time in hand: Since the day I joined my husband, I had ample amount of time with me. But that meant sleeping till the sun was above your head, roaming around and in short, being a lazy bum. But since the beginning of September, I made conscious efforts in bringing about few extremely important lifestyle changes. After all, that’s the sole reason of me deciding to quit the job I loved the most. It was high time that I looked after my health.
  • Onam: In this part of the country, it is difficult to get the vegetables we use in South India for making the Onam Sadya. However, P went from one market to another in search of them and came home late at night with all that was required. We called home few friends of ours and celebrated the festival in posh and style. Of course, that was when I could show off my culinary skills and P had that twinkle in his eyes.dscn5565
  • Those last minute plans: I blabber. A lot. And in June I pointed to the movie poster of Conjuring 2 and said to P that it is supposed to be one of the most horror movies of all times. From then on, he wanted to watch the first part of the series. One night, after we went to bed by around 1.30am (yup. After watching two back-to-back movies), he poked me and said,  “Shall we watch Conjuring 2?”. You should understand that I am shit scared of horror movies that I cannot even go to the loo alone for the next two days. But, we watched the movie then- me peeping through the gaps between fingers. Next day, he announced it to our friends, and then ended up in watching Insidious- another horror movie at their place. Poor me!
  • Zumba Classes: It’s only been a week since I joined the Zumba classes in our Army Cantt and I realize how much I missed dancing. Being a trained classical dancer for 10 years, there was a time when Ghoongro defined me. But now, I pant like a dog after five minutes of Zumba. I know I need to stick to these classes for my happiness.

    Shine 100%

    All set for the Zumba Class!

  • Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Shailaja’s Yell Counter, I decided to hold my horses before opening my mouth to nag and complain. Now that I’m home 24/7, there is a high probability that I quarrel with my husband, simply because I do not have anything else to do. Remember? I have all the time in the world. I also do not want to repeat some drastic mistakes I did the last time I was at home. It was about two years ago and I had felt the repercussions until a few months ago. But now, I have learnt to let go and be happy and contented.
  • For the gooey fudgey Chocolate Brownie Cake I made in a steamer! If you ask me what was the one Eureka moment I had in my kitchen, ever, It will be this one!

    Recipe here:

    Of course, Neither P nor I had the entire thing. We gave it to some unexpected guests we had the very same day and thus, saved from all the calories.

And here I am, announcing 31 days of daily blogging starting today, only on Kohl-Eyed Me! I hope you stay tuned at this space for more. It would be a mix of all things nice and happy with a weekly session of Coffee with Me! Yup.Oct (13).png

Meanwhile, follow me on Instagram at @kohleyedme for my daily updates on #100HappyDays. Cheers guys! Happy October!

This post is for Day 1 of UBC and Daily Chatter


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