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Eyes Like Saucers

Arjun’sĀ junior officers were waiting for them at the Army base and the newly weds were asked to exchange garlands. But what caught Mira’s attention was a huge sand-truck waiting for them.

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She looked at Arjun but he was busy interacting with the lot. And then they were asked to step on it and take a ride, on that cold winter morning. Ā One clue? One warning? No, he didnā€™t give her any! Instead of blabbering about the regiment, things like these are of utmost importance to a newly wed Army wife!

Her Mom had assured her that there would be something of this sort awaiting her as she steps foot in his Regiment for the very first time.

“You know kid, I was also part of many such rowdy traditions which prevail inĀ our ‘Fauji family’.Ā I distinctly remember one such incident. The new bride was coming out of the airport. She was surprised to find a huge truck waiting for her outside. Imagine the horror! A truck inside the airport! She was escorted by few men in uniform with guns in hand and poor lady, she keptĀ asking for her husband. The men never gave her any explanation but insisted on getting inside the truck. She was scared and angry for being treated this way but gave in, whatsover. Once she reached the battalion, she was welcomed by a lady who insisted that she was her husband’s actual wife. She showed her mangalsutra and few pictures. She also wailed in agony to the lady’s dismay. She even said that the lady was to be handed over to the police for deceipt. It went on for quite a few hours until the lady cried and pleaded to let her go home. Yup. It was one of her senior ladies who played the prank on her.”, her mother said with a smirk on her face.

“But…but why?? Why should someone do that?”, Mira’s eyes wereĀ like saucers.

“That’s how we ensure that a new brideĀ opens up to her ‘new family away from home’. This is an icebreaker, honey. So much fun. I hope you are not asked to spend a night in a tent full of animals, for your sake”. Her mother had said.

And now atop the sand-truck, Mira waited for her destiny to unfold.

One more dayĀ with Mira and Arjun! Stay tuned!

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