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You’re Toast!

“Do you really think that I don’t love you?”, Arjun asked. “I hope you understand some day soon”.

Mira knew that Arjun was happy seeing her. That twinkle in his eyes after he saw her coming out of the Indira Gandhi Airport, couldn’t be easily missed. In these few days of their marriage, Mira knew that Arjun was not much into PDA. But, it was a month since they have last seen and today he had embraced her in a tight hug and she almost gave into it until she remembered that he had missed her first birthday and left her in a meagre ten days after their wedding.

Arjun had hailed a cab to the railway station. They held hands throughout the journey and Mira had a sly smile on her lips. She wasn’t ready to forgive him yet and Arjun had to make up for ‘hurting’ her. A quick dinner at the Railway McD and they headed to find out their berths on the train. It was an eight hour journey to Pathankot and Mira was excited to step foot into the Army life officially. Arjun tried to reason with her, but in vain.

“Okay, but at least listen to what I say. You should know the details of my Regiment, who my Company Commander is, his family, in what Unit I belong to, who my juniors are, seniors are, what their ranks are, how you should address them, what I…”, Arjun listed out the necessities only to find Mira snoring away to glory.

He smiled at her and placed a kiss on her forehead as he tugged her into the white bedsheet.

At the crack of dawn, they reached the Pathankot station. Mira was taken aback at the beauty of the place and she enjoyed the chill breeze that cuddled her. But she cursed under her breath for not carrying at least a stole. As they moved towards the Army Base, Mira jumped with joy.

“I can smell Gehun (wheat)”, she said pointing to the green fields. Though Arjun wanted to partake in her animated enthusiasm, he seemed perturbed.

They stepped foot inside the the Pathankot Army Base. But nothing could prepare Mira for what she saw next.

“You’re toast, my lady”, Mira muttered to herself.

Stay put these last two days with Mira and Arjun as drama unfolds.

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