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Eleventh Hour

But I have been waiting to join you for weeks. Why don’t you let me? Isn’t it enough to leave me in ten days after our wedding? Why did I take a month long break from work? Why did you have to report on duty now? And..and you’ll be moving to a field area of all places, in a few weeks. You can’t take me there too. Then When am I going to see you ?” Mira lamented.

It had only been a month since their wedding and Arjun had to bid goodbye at the blink of an eye. Life was playing its cruel game on them and of all the brutalities, Mira couldn’t acknowledge the fact that Arjun had missed her very first birthday after their wedding.

Perks of getting married to an Army Officer! I told you“, her Mamma had picked on her and she knew this was probably one of many firsts that she’ll experience in her life.

But Mira wasn’t ready to succumb to life’s such death grips. His birthday was in a week’s time and she was determined to let him know the erratic, impulsive but romantic side of her. She booked her ticket to Delhi for the very next day and made a call to him just before boarding the flight.

Yes, you heard that right, Major Saheb. I’m boarding the flight and you may please note down the details. It’s AI 854, arriving at Delhi in 1645 hours. See you there!” she was elated at the mere thought of giving her soldier the shock of his life time.

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