Light Bulb Moment

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she tried to catch some sleep. But as a painful reminder her engagement ring shone bright in the darkness of the night. More so, his name engraved on the ring simply broke her heart.

“I should inform Dad tomorrow. The wedding needs to be called off”, she whispered, only to herself.

As the first rays of dawn kicked in, Mira woke from her disturbed slumber. She saw her phone lying on one corner of the bed and decided to forsake it. After all, what good would it bring!

She stepped out to unburden her heart to her soulful friend- her morning cup of coffee. As she took the first sip, she pondered on whether she was to be blamed for expecting love in return, from none other than her fiance.

Mira was always skeptical in getting married to the boy of her parents’ choosing. Yes, she was taken aback when Arjun came to her house for officially ‘seeing’ her. And when they spoke for a good 30-minutes, she knew there was some connection between the two of them – for his very first words were, “Why an Army Officer?”. It was her strong will to get married only to a Defense Personnel, because being an Army Brat was what made her who she was.

Mira hopped over her bed and settled down with her laptop. His photograph popped up as the desktop background. “Huh! Why on earth did I put his picture in here? I am nuts!”, she said and went about to change it to a beautiful daisy.

She picked up her phone and stared in horror. 36 Missed Calls and 7 New Messages- all from Arjun.

He had tried to explain to her that he was in an ‘special’ duty in some remote area for the last seven weeks and getting a good connectivity was all God’s mercy. The few good messages which he had tried to send over the weeks weren’t because he could afford to do it, but because of sheer luck.

Yes, it was a light bulb moment for her, for she understood life is not always a bed of roses and surely, there is a huge difference in being an Army Wife and being an Army Brat. Yes, life is just about to start.

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