Home is Where your Heart is!

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself. “

– Maya Angelou

Home is the place where you return over and over again- the place where you come back to after a tiring day at work, or after a great vacation.

After our wedding, my husband had his first posting to Pune. We came to the city from two corners of the country, dreaming of living together. Unfortunately, the “quarters” was not getting allotted and it was frustrating to live apart eventhough we were only a few kilometers away. Oh, the perks of being married to a Fauji! Getting an Army accommodation in a station is by sheer luck. You may get it in a week’s time or in nine months’. You may have to live in a temporary quarters till then and literally live in and out of the military boxes, neck deep in bubble wrap & cardboard boxes! More so, you might get a one bedroom apartment or a twin banglow.

His next posting order came in two years- this time to another corner. I couldn’t join him for over an year as I was still having a career in the Corporate sector.

It was then that I decided to do a research on what I needed in our next home. Another chance to ravamp our little cocoon. It is as good as moving to your first home after wedding, after you’ve freed yourself from the comfort of your baby pink room of yours at home, it’s time to pull up your socks and turn your unexplored shell of a house into an inviting home. Especially with twenty-three military boxes, moving to any quarter is a liberating landmark in an army wife’s life.

It was only recently that I heard of Curated Shopping which is the online version of shopping in exclusive and personal boutiques. It helps in creating product lines by allowing the shoppers discover products based on their personal preferences. Zapstore is a one stop shop for all the e-commerce needs. They pick up the best products from other e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, Snapdeal, Lime Road etc and give you a great deal. This is helpful for the customer as only limited resources are available from the popular categories. The deals are definitely tempting and cost effetive.  Since I was revamping my home, I went with Home Decor.

Living rooms are arguably the one that need a good layout. Furniture spacing and placement is the key to comfort. It is the place where you entertain your guests and yourself as well. From family game nights to fauiji interactions, the living room is a social hub. I love to color co-cordinate my furniture and the upholstered pieces. A neat and comfortable sofa seating with a coffee table in the center would uplift the room.


Throw in some matching cusions and curtains and you are ready to kick-start beautifying the space. 61XTApMNUnL._SX466_Each corner unexplored, we put on our creative hats and made our quarters more like home. It accentuates the theme of the room and appeals with the traditional style.


Vases and flowers can work as beautiful decorative pieces not just in adding charm to the house, but also in adding life to the empty corners of your house. They can be the center piece or can also be used to adorn your corners. Some fresh flowers can also be used, or a unique vase, too.


Aside from fresh flowers, we can look for other interesting centrepieces that can add beauty and accent to your living room. One such thing is, Painting. A Raja Ravi Verma painting would enhance the traditional appeal of our home.

91daG5ZJASL._SL1500_For  my love for dancing, A Natraj Idol would be another masterpiece. His divine dance, Tandavam is a dance of bliss. Having been a student of Bharatnatyam for ten odd years, my home without the idol of the Cosmic Dancer cannot be imagined.

I have a fascination towards bells. Giant and beautiful, this Dashavatar ten carnations bell is a treasure in itself. How more traditional and classy can a welcome be?51ce6fRlGYL._SY450_

Waking up to the song of birds, is a beauty in itself. A Cuckoo Clock has that charm and is sure to lure any hearts. 71xOZUMMC1L._SL1500_

In this modern world, where you don’t have time to even stop and gaze, these decors help to get to your roots and add an aesthetic beauty to a home. You can check out these decors on my Zapstore profile and get amazing deals.


Creating a Zapstore profile is easy as you can integrate your social media account. It provides an opportunity to explore different products- be it apparels, accesories, homedecor or electronics.  It’s creative way of making shopping more social and gathering all the sites under a single umbrella is what lured my heart into it.

I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore.

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