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Make Your Daughter’s First Period Experience Special

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It is always a blessing to be born a girl. Your parents are happy to dress you up as a fairy, tie braids and put on bangles. But then, you are eight and is suddenly not allowed to ride your bicycle in skirts or frocks. While you are still confused on what had happened, you reach the so-called puberty.

Talking of menstruation becomes a taboo. I, for once, have never heard or told someone that I am menstruating, in those exact words. We call it chums, down-time, that time of the month and what not! I wish there isn’t a hesitation but understanding that it is a normal process to female body.

Most of us remember the time when we received our first period. For some, it’ special, but exciting time, and for others, it’s a time of grief and terror. But, your mother is always by your side as she knows that the first period will be an all new experience for her little angel. It will also be her next new level of motherhood. Either way, she would want to make her daughter’s first period as special and stress-free as possible.

Here are a five guaranteed ways you can make your little girl’s time special and let her know things are going to be great as usual.


 1. Comfort Means Everything

Comfort is the foundation and that start of being okay during a period. As a mother, it will be a lot easier to relate to your daughter and help her along the way. Make sure you purchase comfortable pads and underwear to ensure the bloating and cramping is not enhanced due to tight clothing. As long as your daughter is comfortable, the hard part is taken care of. Be wise and buy Period Panties for your daughter. It is one of the ways you can comfort her to the best. As suggested by many, Adira Period Panties would be a great choice. It comes in different size, style and colour. Period panties are designed to control stains. This enables you to move around without any hazel.


2. Purchase a Period Starter Kit

Purchasing a period starter kit is one of the coolest things you can do for your daughter. This kit contains many different things she will need for the next five or seven days, including colourful pads, chocolate candy, body wash, cute rags and towels, and anything else you think your daughter will need during this time. You can purchase a period starter kit for home and a period starter kit for school so she will be comfortable at home and away from home. Buy your daughter a Period Starter Kit Now.

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3. Educate Your Daughter

Don’t be afraid to educate your daughter. Get a few books or conduct research online to clue her in on the things that are taking place in her body. There are many websites which can educate your child in an interesting and simple format. One of the best of those kinds is howtotellyourchild.com. This helps you to be in ease and help your daughter to be ready for her anxious time. Talk to her about tracking her period and knowing the approximate time her period will occur again. Talk to your daughter and inform her of what happens now that she has started her period. The more knowledge your daughter has on this subject, the more prepared she will be.

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4. Don’t Focus So Much on the Problems

As an adult who has been dealing with her period for years, you know the ins and outs and the good and bad of having a period. Although you can share some of these instances with your daughter, do not overwhelm her with negative aspects and views of having a period. Instead of putting a damper on her parade, take her shopping for period panties, pads, and other things you think she may need. The new teen will need the comfort of placing her top in place. Take a wise step ahead and buy Little Lady Bras to see your daughter walking confidently in the crowd.

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5. When Problems Arise

If you think a problem has occurred or is occurring, it is best to talk to your doctor and see what can be done. Pain is common with a period, but excruciating pain is something you will need to speak to your physician about. There are many different ways you can alleviate period pain and keep bloating and cramping at bay. Use your better judgement to tell if there is a problem or something seems irregular.

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