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Madaari Movie Review: Irrfan at his terrific best

It’s a no brainer that when we hear the name- Irrfan Khan, we know there would be no compromise on quality acting. And his presence makes a film worth watching. His latest movie- Madaari, directed by  Nishkant Kamat is no different. An unusual plot with strong, emotional act pierces your heart and leaves you with a lasting impression.

Madaari is a tale of a common man’s fight against the corrupt system- the politicians, administration, bureaucrats, —- et all. Nirmal Kumar (Irrfan)- a single father, a techie loses his son to a death grip in a bridge collapse at Mumbai. He believes the collapse is due to the wrong doings of a group of self-centered corrupts in the system. He sets to avenge the loss of his son by kidnapping the home minister’s son (Vishal Bansal). He does not harm the boy because he is anything but a criminal or a terrorist. The movie revolves around his solo fight to ensure transparency in the democratic system as also reinstates the responsibilities to be undertaken by the top officials in various positions.

Nachiket Verma (Jimmy Shergil), a CBI official is given the charge of investigation. Jimmy plays the ideal cop who understands the voids in the system, but still tries to emerge through by good doings. The personality and the role suits the actor well and he does full justice to the character.

The home minister Prashant Goswami (Tushar Dalvi), Vishal Bansal as the son and Ayesha Mishra as the mother delivers what is expected of them.

Irrfan Khan as an anguished father touches our soul. He is definitely, the pivot and spine of the movie as he puts his heart for the true impersonation of the character as a father and a kidnapper. The built up of the character is good and the emotions have been brought out so aptly that even his vacant expressions creates pain and grief in the audience. Irrfan is in absolute command as an actor and a special mention to the director who could bring out the best in him as the situation demanded.

Nishkant Kamat has made a movie that is well-etched and gripping. He conveys a strong message on the root cause of every problem that a country faces-be it unemployment, inflation or class division. It’s a movie for everyone and is made in an effort to try and wake up the sleeping citizens.

The movie is not provocative or rousing and the emotional instances watching a single father bringing up a child makes it the story if a father and a son. As Shahrukh Khan who said to the media, “I have missed watching the movie. I would like to watch it with my kids”, it is a must-watch because it involves you as a parent and as a citizen of the country.


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