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It’s the lil’ things… #DailyChatter #BlogMarathon

It’s day two of my stay in our new home and my kitchen is almost set. Today was all about filling my pantry with the necessities to survive for a couple of days. And thus, food was prepared when P ran around getting an internet connectivity, a mobile connection for me and the most essential among them all- an invertor!

Just after publishing yesterday’s post, the power went off. After having had the luxury of awesome mausam (climate) in the Kerala monsoon, coming here to about 38 degrees of heat and humidity made me burn inside out, literally. The slight drizzle only made the situation worse and it was too difficult to stay indoors. Fanning with a newspaper and sprinkling with water was how I sustained through the night.

A humble lunch consisting of Rice, Okra Stir Fry, Sambar and Pappad was laid out. After lunch, when P came in to the kitchen to have a spoonful more of his favourite Sambar, I knew life was back to normal. I couldn’t help but smile at him and yes, it’s all about little things as I always say.wp-1468740434425.jpeg

We also had few unexpected guests by ten at night. What followed was chit-chat for a couple of hours over a cup of chai. And then I knew, my Army life has begun. 🙂

I have quite a few things laid out for y’all. There will be a more organized way of posting my write-ups- be it the book reviews, travelogues, anecdotes, musings or photos. More on it in the coming week.

Stay tuned and meanwhile, Happy Sunday!

I am participating in the Blog Marathon and it’s a half marathon!


The post is a part of Blog Marathon challenge I am taking up with Blogchatter .



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