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It’s a Brand New Day #DailyChatter #BlogMarathon

I do not want to start this post saying I’m back after a long time or sorry for ignoring my blog. I genuinely wanted to take a break, find some inspiration and then pen down for y’all.

There were some life-changing decisions that I had to take and needless to say, there was a lot of thinking, tears but by the end, smiles.

There was a time when I doubted myself, thought whether I’m depressed and whether what I was doing was right or wrong. But then, I knew I need to believe in myself and look forward. Thanks to a month long vacation to my hometown, I was surrounded by my loved ones, and I feel fresh and rejuvenated. I had read about fifteen books the last month, stayed away from social media mostly and sorted out my priorities.

I have moved in with my husband to a new place and yes, it’s pretty challenging. The quarters allotted to us is a mess and reaching at two in the morning and having seen the locale, made our heads spin. My cleanliness-freak husband couldn’t sleep at night and we were off to sweeping and cleaning at this time of the hour. The laughs amongst this wreck was the best part. I tell you, life is fun!

I will update y’all further tomorrow, cause you know, I am participating in the Blog Marathon and it’s a half marathon! Ciao then 🙂


The post is a part of Blog Marathon challenge I am taking up with Blogchatter .



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