#AtoZChallenge 2016 Reflections

So, the madness has slowly scaled down and come to an end. There is genuine sadness in  my heart as I am truly missing the chaos and the adrenaline rush I experienced during the month of April, trying to schedule posts before the clock strikes 12, going to work at 5am, constant beeping of my phone throughout the day with notifications on likes and comments on my posts, the urge to read and comment on other’s posts during work, reaching home and taking a nap for an hour so that I have the energy to blog hop by evenings. And I was so proud of visiting close to 50-60 blogs every day. Madness, I say. But the kind of madness I absolutely loved.


My third consecutive year in AtoZChallenge and this time with two blogs! I somehow, knew what I wanted to write this year. When I told my husband, the soldier that I would be writing about “Life as an Army Wife”, all he said was No Controversial write-ups of any sort, nothing that reveals anyone’s identity or posting location. And I should say that each and every single post of mine was read and reviewed by him before publishing it here.

It was quite accidental to participate in a BlogChatter twitter chat and then BAM!! I was added to a group chat and then life was a roller-coaster ride! I met so many like-minded bloggers but who had much more brighter vision about their blogs than I ever had. I fell in love with the diverse yet absolutely stunning themes that each of them had for this Challenge. It is hard for me to choose. But these were my favourites.

a. Chandni from Life in Technicolour:

You were the one who gave me the boost to write on this particular theme. And when I asked, “Who will be interested to know if I have 27 or 35 military boxes in my home?”, you asked me to just give it a go. You were angry when I lost the motivation in between, irrespective of how everyone loved my write. Thanks for being there! I so loved your woman-centric stories and yes, you are on my permanent reading list, lady.

b. Inderpreet from Eloquent Articulation:

Mam, what would I have done without you? An amazing blogger, an Army Wife, she was always a ping away when I pestered her with my silly doubts. She was exploding with ideas and that can be reflected on my posts. Always there to congratulate me and loving my posts, Mam, you have made my AtoZChallenge so much easier and better this time.

c. My Era from The Era I Lived In.

Her theme is Parenting and even though I am not a parent yet, I can very well connect to her writes and you just get that instant vibe, a connection. It’s like reading your own thoughts. Loved them all, ME!

d. Roshan from God Years:

I mean, how? How do you get so much time to watch these many sitcoms? I was so happy to know that Roshan was participating this year and that too with a fab theme. I was in awe reading the fun trivia and facts and of course, about these many number of sitcoms.

e. Vinay from The Art of Leo:

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? His posts actually gave me a heads up that I need to re-read the books again. Loved them all, V.

f. Parul from Happiness and Food:

I am still stuck with her words, ” I will never walk topless or even want to but why should my choice become a law?” when she wrote about the campaign Free the Nipple.

g. Rajlakshmi’s theme of Whimsical Medleys was such a light-hearted fun read.

h. Kala from Relax n Rave.:

Some brilliant home decor tips from you, I promise I shall use many of them when I move in to my new home in a couple of months. Honestly, I can’t wait. I promise to send you pictures, even if you don’t want them. 😛

i. Dixita from Cafenined Words:

Oh, Dixu! Your posts are so full of love, innocence and warmth. They always brightened up my day and the mere thought of it always made me smile. I’m so glad to have connected with you through BlogChatter and Yay, you are on my permanent reading list too, love. :*

j. Soumya from Life of Leo:

Her theme was All about me and yes, it was about her. I was shocked to see her OCD post! And man, those are some quirky things! Loved knowing a bit more about you, dear 🙂

k. Ramya:

Her experiences on Travel made me want to travel all over India 🙂

l. Lata from Hot Cup of Kaapi:

Oh, her stories about Dia and Sameer made me miss my husband. It was like, she was depicting my life through her writes. The fights, the love… <3

See, told you! I can go on and on.  Tina cracking me up with some amazing anecdotesStephen’s He and She storiesMithila with the Weird wordsTrue Stories of Women by Roma, Wedding Rituals at Silver StreaksSunila’s Indian Mythogical stories and Shubhangi’s Incredible IndiaShilpa  and Geetika who never ceased to amuse me with a Flash Fiction, Aathira with her powerful stories about women, Reema with some unique and fun letters, Mystery story by @leprchaunrabbit .. and many many more!

Towards the end, yes, it was exhausting. With the early morning shift, the sun and the heat taking its toll, without him by my side to pamper and boost my morale, the duties as a minion helping the co-host for the challenge, and with a set of exams that I had to take, it definitely was tiring!

Of course, how can I forget that I was cooking throughout April for my Food Blog for the AtoZ! So much to do, so little time! I still have 5 more posts to do there, esp cos the online grocery app decided to ditch me thrice without delivering the chicken at my home! Phew! 😛

Last but definitely not the least- Thanks to Richa for making me a part of BlogChatter community, for providing a platform for all of us to connect, read and share some love. Much love to you, lady <3

Thanks to B.A.R, Write Tribe and AtoZers’ for all the support through FB groups and daily threads. My blog has seen so many milestones this month!

Thanks, dear readers for sending across so much love through FB Chats, messages, comments and suggestions! You know what, I even got my first hater mail


So, yes! I survived the #AtoZChallenge!

No, I Lived it!

P.S: I know, I need to visit so many blogs and I will, this month.

Till then,



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