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So, you have seen the photograph from yesterday! That was how I was ‘welcomed’ to his Unit/Regiment. We landed at the Pathankot Army Base at six on that freezing and cold March morning. One clue? One warning? No, he didn’t give me any! Instead of blabbering about the regiment, things like these are of utmost importance to a newly wed Army wife!

His junior officers were waiting for us and we were asked to exchange the garlands. The blushing us were then led to a tractor/sandtruck. I was more than happy to step foot on it and thus we went around seeing the unit- yes, on that chilly morning without even a shawl or a jacket! I enjoyed though. Until he was asked by his Unit officers to lift me up and walk a good 500mtrs till the Offr’s Mess Entrance. I shall never in my life forget the moment. And No, I am not going to share that picture! This was followed by the Dining In, at night.

I have asked a fellow blogger, a dear friend, an Army Wife- Inderpreet who blogs at Eloquent Articulation to share her experiences and pen down a guest post for me! She was the one whom I always turned to seeking ideas and help and she was more than willing to assist. Don’t know what I would have done without her! 🙂

Read on and I hope you enjoy and share some love on our blogs.

After yesterday wild welcome ride that Shalini had, you guys would think that it was a bit extreme, well let me tell you all, she got off easy!

Welcoming the new bride into the battalion is an age old tradition that is upheld to the highest standards by the bachelors of the unit and the supportive senior ladies  and officers. (Read Co Wives)

The main aim of this wonderful, funny and sometimes downright rowdy tradition is to ensure the bride is relaxed and opens up to her new family away from home as she settles down in an alien environment. It works as an effective ice breaker and all round fun occasion for all.

Here are a few quirky ways brides are welcomed in the forces –

A ride in a tractor- trailer decked with fairy light and filled with goats and while the couple take a round of the unit area.

A night spent in a room full of animals from the unit like chickens, ducks, and goats (the animals are tied, don’t worry). All this to show the flora and fauna of the new place!

An interrogation by the unit officer who is pretends that all the details of her marriage and things are needed so they can be added to the unit inventory!! I have heard pretty funny items on the list including the shopping done for her hubby, Mil etc!!

A mock attack on the newlyweds by the bachelors dressed as robbers and taking/ pretending to loot the jewelry of the bride in order to save her hubby. Easiest heist ever!!

A night spent in a tent – a furnished tent but alone in the middle of nowhere.

These are a few of the pranks played on the bride and almost always the seniors are aware and participate. The groom is a willing participant playing the role of a submissive guy, ensuring the girl steps up to save the day!

The couple is quite embarrassed but when the truth comes out, and plenty of fond memories and stories to share with their family. Welcoming the new couple is a time to make new friends, learn new things and the couple grows to learn to depend on each other.

How were you welcomed or have you heard a tale of the welcome of a new bride in the unit from an army wife, do share and let us know? We will add them to this list.

I am Married to the Olive Green and I’m writing about the 26 things which I get to do/experience that you as a Civilian wife do not! 


I hope you come back again tomorrow!

Meanwhile, here is an easy Chicken recipe from my Food Blog to try out!

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