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99 Things I Love #SundaySundae #FridayReflections

It is Sunday- a break from the A to Z Challenge. Shall I say, a much needed one? Missing my free writes and rants, aren’t you? So, when this prompt was right in front of my eye, I knew I had to take the leap. And guess what, it’s a perfect Sunday Sundae post and a reflection of things that makes me, ME! And you know I love making lists. Lets have some fun 🙂 🙂

  1. God: Been an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and not even a day passes by without me asking for strength and forgiveness. I know it will go on till my very last day.
  2. Dad
  3. Mom
  4. Husband
  5. Sister
  6. Indian Army
  7. Work
  8. Dance: Trained classical dancer for ten years and hasn’t practised for more than a decade ow! I should be beaten to death.
  9. Blogging
  10. Reading
  11. Cooking
  12. That smile of happiness and love after he tastes the food I prepared
  13. Family
  14. Memories of my GrandMa
  15. Friends
  16. Colleagues
  17. Pets: We just lost our 13-year old Dashund- Scooby and the loss is still not endurable.
  18. Blogger friends
  19. Me-time
  20. Times when I am with Dad, Mom and Sista – the fun, laughter, fights, tears, scoldings, advices and family time <3
  21. My morning and evening cup of coffee. And the smell.. Ahh!!
  22. Home
  23. Dreams and ‘Planning’
  24. “Thank you. Good job, Shalini”, mails from clients!
  25. Movies and Music
  26. Singing at the top of my lungs to loud music when he drives the car- Weird, I know 😛
  27. “You account has been credited with Rs (*&&^%%%”, message from the bank.
  28. Selfie Love and clicking pictures <3
  29. Sunsets and Beaches
  30. Wind chimes
  31. Sun and Rain
  32. Starry Nights
  33. Mom’s Food
  34. Chocolates and Chocolate Ice-creams
  35. Red Wine
  36. Yellow!!
  37. That perfectly cooked steak
  38. Sizzlersssssss
  39. Herbs and Spices
  40. A good book series that I can get completely lost in
  41. A good TV series that I can get completely lost in
  42. My eyes and my smile 😛
  43. Seeing sparrows onmy bird bath/feeder
  44. Saree
  45. Jhumka
  46. Winter
  47. Love
  48. Laughter
  49. Promise
  50. Faith
  51. Compassion
  52. Politeness
  53. Morals and Manners
  54. Health
  55. Travel
  56. Rajasthan
  57. His kiss on my forehead
  58. Flowers
  59. Hot baths
  60. Massages
  61. Phone calls
  62. Messages
  63. Internet
  64. Laptop, Smart phone and Kindle
  65. That skip of a heartbeat when you get a notification for the comments and likes on my blog post. The motivation it gives to pen down another 500 words is incomparable.
  66. Birthdays
  67. Festivals
  68. Breakfast in Bed
  69. Cuddling and watching a movie with him
  70. That lil’ playful smirk on his lips
  71. A handwritten letter
  72. Smiles and Compliments
  73. Chivalry
  74. Lavender perfumes
  75. That perfect shade of lipstick
  76. Inspiring discussions
  77. Common Sense
  78. Playing Word Games/Puzzles with him
  79. Mojitos
  80. Mangoes
  81. Bookstores
  82. A perfect hair day
  83. Pyjamas
  84. That perfect pair of jeans
  85. That Short dress
  86. That perfect wedges
  87. That perfect handbag
  88. Hugs
  89. Sleep
  90. A perfect pillow or two
  91. The never-ending urge to lose weight and fit into that perfect dress. Soon, people. Soon! 🙂
  92. Craving fulfilled! Irony! 😛
  93. Making him laugh 😀
  94. Learning/Making something new
  95. My lil’ kitchen garden bloom
  96. Our wedding video <3
  97. History
  98. Haircuts
  99. Last but not the least- Being Me – for the wisdom to forgive and accept myself for who I am and to love the person I am

I am writing for Friday Reflections, hosted by Sanch of Living My Imperfect Life and Write Tribe.

Join Us. It would be fun, I tell you.


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