#AtoZChallenge is here!

It’s that time of the year again! The much awaited #AtoZChallenge is here. This year though, I decided not to participate. I decide to let go. Only, I hoped so.
My reasons?? April is going to be chaotic with so many changes happening in my life. There are things to be wrapped up, few to be started, sadness but also excitement in the air. I wanted to experience and feel all those moments because I knew it was never going to come back in my life. Thus, even the thought of taking up this writing challenge was stressful.

Then what made me do the inevitable?


I jumped at the opportunity of being a minion this year. A minion is the one who helps one of the co-hosts of the #AtoZChallenge. (More on that later) I hoped to at least read and find new blogs and do the little that I can. But then few bloggers asked me what my theme would be this year. Forget asking whether I’m participating!
Then came the #atozchat and I opened the sign up list. And that’s it. I signed up. Just like that. With both my blogs! I know I’m crazy. But then…let it be! 🙂
I’m the 999th and 1000th entry in the #AtoZChallenge signup list. Isn’t that a sign from above? I believe so. You know, I believe in self motivation!

The #atozchat was a boost. I met few bloggers esp. Chandni from Life in Technicolor and the @blogchatter group. Man, they are crazy! I’m in love with the enthusiasm and energy and the phone just won’t stop beeping.

Isn’t that what A to Z is all about? Finding new blogs and like-minded people?

For all the newbies (how dare I) out there: What is #AtoZChallenge:

Blog through the month of April except on Sundays, each day dedicated to the alphabet of that day, i.e. On April 1st, you should blog on a topic starting with A, on 2nd it should be B and so on.

Tips from a third-timer!

a. You can or needn’t have a theme.

But it helps to de-clutter and organize your thoughts, especially when it comes to the letters Q, W,X,Y and Z. If you have a theme, Reveal it on March 21- the official day for the Theme Reveal on the A to Z site. I know few bloggers who took this opportunity to write a novel and their books are out in stores now.

b. I say, keep it short.

Everyone is in a hurry. No one likes to spend more than a couple of minutes on your blog which includes reading your post, commenting and sharing if the reader wishes to. An ideal post would be of 300-500 words.

c. Reply:

– to the comments and suggestions you receive. And try to visit their blogs. It is going to be hectic and tedious but do it at least on Sundays.

d. This is why scheduling the posts in advance helps.

You have another fortnight before the Challenge starts. Why not start writing? (This is more to myself! I didn’t even finalize a theme yet though few ideas have been meddling with my head!).

e. Adorn your Sidebar with the beautiful badge. Grab it from here.

f. Just have fun and do not succumb to stress and chaos.

Bloggers from all corners of the world will be participating and it’s lively. So, find new blogs, get to know new bloggers, read, share and mesmerize in the love you get on your blog. Believe me when I say, its going to be huuuuuge!

g. Try to be a part of a writing community.

You know why? I bet that you would be exhausted by the mid of April, esp if you have not scheduled your posts. A community would be a group of like-minded people who would have this common goal.

They will encourage you, pull you up and even give a kick on your butt if you decide to quit. That, my friend is needed. That, my friend is what A to Z Challenge is all about.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up now. Here’s the official Sign up link.

Let me know in case you have any queries. Happy to help!

Until I see you again,


I am Staking Claim to A to Z Chaleenge along with Blog Chatter Community.


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