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Promise Me, Darling…

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres – Corinthians 13:4-7

When I heard this Bible verse for the first time, I was taken aback. I never believed such kind of love existed and if it did, I prayed with all my heart to experience that feeling- something that is divine.

My wedding to P is an arranged one. About four years ago, I was pestered day and night by my Dad asking me to check out the numerous matrimonial profiles which he had shortlisted for me. As always, I simply discarded them. On one evening after office, I was watching a Tamil movie in which the actor joins the Indian Army. It was during this particular scene where he walks out of the Indian Military Academy clad in his Uniform, that my Dad decided to call and break the news- they had liked a guy who was our family friend. I wept like a little girl and prayed to the Heavens up above, to get me married only to an Army Officer. Maybe, it is because I am the daughter of one and I do not know any other life.

The very next day, Dad gave me P’s profile and then it all began. What else but a divine intervention!

I am childish and I cannot do justice to the above verse in many ways. I’m impatient, intolerable and acts as if I’m always on pins and needles. But there he is- calm and serene, loving me in the most magical way, any one ever can. He doesn’t get me flowers every other day, is too bad in giving surprises and is just not into PDAs.

He is like my Dad, who knows to only love from his heart.

We celebrated our third anniversary last month- apart! That’s the perks of being an Army Wife. Can’t complain, can I? After all, it was I who diligently prayed for this life.

Three years into our wedding! Whoa! How time flies! And in these three years I learnt many a things- most of which are splendid and impeccable while some makes me pull my hair apart.

So what tops the list making me fuming with anger every time he does that?

a. Not booking the tickets on time! What does on time mean? At least a week before your vacation starts? Or a max of three days? But, no. He will wait till the eleventh hour to book them. Be it a train, a flight or a cart! You think I’m exaggerating? Hell no!

b. Not Being on time! I have no idea how he manages to end up late on any gathering, get-together, meeting or even for catching a train or a flight. Again, exaggerating? NEVER. It was last December when we were all happy and jubilant at the prospect of taking a vacation to Goa. We reached Delhi after our Rajasthan trip by 5 in the morning and decided to halt at his friends place. The halt went on till 10.45 am when we had to board the flight at 12:05. The disaster, the mishap of reaching the airport at 11:25, ultimately having to take all the five check in bags as hand baggages (Yeah, they have that option on emergency purposes!) cannot be told. It has to be experienced!

c. When in between the numerous “Yes Sir! Sir! Roger Sir!”- calls, if you happen to see my call please do attend. Or at least, call back. You should know that I do not call you unless it is an emergency*

*Emergency doesn’t mean that the house is burning down. May be I’m feeling a lil’ blue or I need Aloo for preparing lunch, or the Manager is eating my head, AGAIN. Emergency can be all sort of things.

d. Last but not the least, drive slow! Our lives hang by a thread when you sit behind the wheel. I secretly love that, but I do not want others on our car to experience a roller-coaster ride every single time.

I do not want flowers or chocolates or teddies. I do not want you to be all lovey-dovey, holding hands and kissing me in front of one and all. I do not want you to change the Television channels when you are keen on watching that football match. I do not need anything from you than being just you.


Promise me, Darling..

that you would love me just the way you do,

encouraging me to write more,

splashing that smile when you have the new recipes I try in our kitchen,

and tugging me into bed when I sleep off in the middle of a book.

Promise me, Darling..

that you’d continue to let me take my own decisions but hold my hand

and push me ahead when I tremble;

that you’d keep on letting me know

there are always two sides to a coin,

and to fight one’s own battles but not to fight for a lost cause.

Promise me, Darling…

that you’d let me sleep on the left side of the bed,

always holding me close,

giving me those moments of laughter,

entwining your fingers into mine,

while I lay my head on your chest, my rightful place.

Promise me, Darling..

that you’d always try to be safe when your duty calls,

guarding the frontiers..

Let our love give you strength to come back home…

free from harm.



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