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The Month That Was… #FebruaryRoundup #MondayMusings

The month of February is my favorite time of the year. There is a lot of celebrations, love and merriment going on. Well, that’s one of the reasons I wasn’t writing much in here.

The month started with a bang with me celebrating our third wedding anniversary. Just that I was all alone and was feeling blue. It was decided between P and I that we would click one photograph of us on all the anniversaries. Little did I know that I should expect the unexpected in such an early stage of our marriage being married to an Army personnel. I wished with all my heart that he would come down to meet me. But na, he is seldom good with surprises. At least, I thought so!

He took pain to send me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and my favorite flavor of cake. I was at office when he rang up at around 11.45 am. When he said “three years ago, at this time you came into my life”, I was spellbound. That was when he tied the knot. A skipped heartbeat, eyes welling up in tears and a heart overflowing with love, I knew I was pretty lucky to have him as my husband. When I came home I was happy and content as his words kept ringing in my head.

Just then the door bell rang and I was surprised to receive a big box. Guess what! He had sent me the Complete Harry Potter Box set. I wept..wept like a little kid for a good thirty minutes. When I called up Mom, I could hear her all choked up. This was something which I wanted for a long long time and the gesture made me feel extremely happy. And I bet, even if he had given me diamonds, I wouldn’t have felt this way. Love…such a beautiful feeling!


My friends call me impulsive. I have landed in trouble ‘cos of this trait but I believe in that strong gut feeling which I get almost every single time. So, on one fateful day while I going through this and that in office, I decided to self host my blog. No research, nothing!  I just did it… and of course found myself in deep water. I pestered three of my blogger friends day and night for the next two days to bring the site up. I bunked office just because I couldn’t sit or stand without my blog being okayish. A very heartfelt thanks to Jaibala, Sid and Vinay. Hey, wouldn’t you check it out? All my hardwork is finally paying off.

Go, visit, Now! Something’s Cooking!



…I’m waiting…


Done? How’s it? Let me know! I’m trying to figure out making a logo for her. Welcoming ideas from you.

Have you heard of the A to Z Challenge in April? If you have a blog, you SHOULD join it. The madness, the love and support you get is beyond measure and its so much good for your blog. I got a chance to be part of Pam Margolis‘s team- An Unconventional Alliance. She is a co-host of the challenge and I feel privileged to be of the little help that I can be to her. What are you waiting for? Sign up now. It is never too late. Look at me, I am the 999th and 1000th entry. You get the vibe, don’t you?

February also saw his birthday (according to the Malayalam star), my sister’s birthday and of course mine. He announced on 25th that he is coming down to meet me. Whoa! I had a jolly good time for the next four days with him. My birthday falls on the same day as his Regiment’s Raising day. Such a gala time with almost 150+ officers and family coming down from every nook and corner of the country- most of them whom I know only from his talk.


PC: Pixabay

I wouldn’t be exaggerating even a single bit when I say it was overwhelming to see and feel the comradeship, the spirit, the brotherhood and closeness amongst each and every one of them. Tears welled up in my eyes when I heard such sweet and great words about him from many senior officers. It was family and I knew then -this is where my heart belongs, this is where I belong!

I met those little kids who ran around him when he was Lieutenant- that was a decade ago. They have grown into beautiful lasses and seeing him being their favorite “Dada” was astounding. I never knew this side of him and it was such a great feeling. The late night parties, dressing up to different themes, the gupshups, the never-ending dancing- whoa! That’s what you call a celebration. When in between the dance a junior officer announced it was my birthday, I was bombarded with wishes and hugs. My husband who hates PDA kissed to wish me. Well, I knew he needn’t hide his true self in front of his ‘family’. The many birthday cake cuttings, gifts and flowers were the icing on the cake.

In these four days, we talked, discussed about a lot of things going on in our lives and knew it was high time that we planned for our future. I knew what I wanted and we decided to take it to the next level. There are quite a few life-changing decisions that I have taken now and I know it is for the best.

So, how was your February? The shortest month of the year? The month of love?

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