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Of Music, Playlists and their Wacky Titles

A couple of days back a colleague of mine caught me red-handed fiddling with my phone. Can’t blame him because I had been engrossed in my ‘task’ for a good forty-five minutes. Can’t blame me as I had only then received my phone from the service center after its tragic fatality and now it looks brand new!

*yay me*does a happy dance*

He snatched it away from my hand and I howled and yelped. No, not at the audacity of him checking my personal stuff, but yeah, that was simply a reaction. I am not the kind who believes that hell will break loose if you check out a girl’s phone. Or her handbag? ‘Cos mine definitely has some prized possessions  in the form of chocolates and snacks. He jumped back to shut his ears with both his hands. Believe me when I say, I can squeal like a pig.

“What??!! You have a playlist named …”, before he could complete his say, I sent him another Howler to which he succumbed. 

He came to me and whispered in my ears, “You have a playlist. I can understand that. You have six playlists. Bearable! But named like these? Ridiculous!”

I was dumb-struck. “Come on, everyone has his/her collection of favorite songs and playlists. Don’t you name them?” The stiff expression on his face made me chuckle and it clearly meant I don’t know what you are talking about.

Music soothes your soul. It doesn’t leave your side, be it in your happy or sad times. Be it the ones with absurd lyrics like kheej meri photo or others which makes you groove. It helps you concentrate. I always plugged my headphones into my MP3 player while solving the Mathematics homework. Though Mom was bewildered at my habit, even now I practice the same. Just that the homework has changed to work. Apparently, this was the reason behind my phone being snatched. I wasn’t hearing him calling out my name.


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Don’t you always end up in music channels after feeling disgusted with the list of soap operas lined up on television? Wouldn’t you put on music when you write? Or when drive your Fantastico? Wouldn’t you hum along the latest track at least under the shower?

Doesn’t songs help re-live memories? Be it about him, or of the club where you shed all inhibitions and put on your dancing shoes for the first time? About the first kiss or a walk hand-in-hand? Isn’t it as refreshing as watching those drops of rain glimmering out of your window?

Here’s a peek to my playlist. Playlist

Isn’t it self explanatory with peppy numbers prettifying Two to Tango, love songs in You and I and South Indian songs in Down from the South? Okay, like my colleague your eyes would have popped out at Guilty Pleasures. That’s my guilty pleasure music- Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, Enrique or even the Ft. Arjun songs like Mohabbat Barsa Dena Tu. Oh judge me all you want!

Do you name your playlists? Or its just some random songs that play on your phone? Does your playlist read Classic, Metal, Hard Rock? Or is it just aaaaa, adsjafo, zzzzzz ‘s? Or do you have some wacky titles just like mine? Share below.

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