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My Not-to-Do List for 2016


When the whole world is busy making resolutions and by now breaking it, I hereby decide to make a Not-to-do list for this year. Sounds good? I know it does.

1. Straighten my hair ever again: This definitely tops my list. I’m done with experimenting new looks. Have you ever experienced that feeling of longing seeing old pictures of yourself with perfect curves? Oops! Curls?? Being blessed with natural curls and I just wanted to try something different! Not once. Not twice. But four freaking times. I went with the crowd straightening, smoothing and coloring my beautiful locks. I was reminded either of Magica, the villian from DuckTales or Little orphan Annie whenever I cut my hair short. So, no! That’s not gonna happen this year.


“I’m Magica DeSpell, the Sorceress!”

2. PROCRASTINATE: in Big Bold Captial Letters.

a. On any prompts and competitions: Oh, I was a lazy bum. Even when some beautiful ideas struck me for the fabulous prompts and competitions conducted by some renowned blogging communities like Blogadda, I just sat back and put off attempting for the same. Year One of my blogging journey was fantastic by bagging couple of awards and being noticed for my writes and poems. I’m going to keep up to it.

b. On getting my curls and curves back: Well, let’s just say I’m fed up of the transformation form S to XL and sick and tired of being addressed as Kungfu Panda or koochikooing my cheeks. I have few ideas lined up and I will share them with you all soon.

"Oh, save me the trouble!"

“Oh, save me the trouble!”

3. Shop Online: This comes with a conditions apply. I hereby declare that until and unless it is absolutely necessary or urgent or is damn too tempting (which generally is always), I will not buy anymore shoes, dresses or bags.

4. A break from Facebook every now and then: Guess I have done enough damage. I have decided to keep it minimal for the benefit of others and take a break every now and then whenever I feel it is getting onto my nerves. I clearly do not want to know if you are spending the whole of your life playing Candy Crush and I do not want to ‘eat at your restaurant or feed your animal’ or see those “Where are you?”, “Upstairs, where are you?”, “Downstairs, what you doing?”, “Nothing, bored”, “Yeah, me too” comments between you two roomies.

5. Last but definitely not the least, Not to get too attached or detached with anything alive- be it a dog or man and not to fight other’s battles. I am serious! My dog died and somebody played with my heart. I am an emotional person. Somebody who is too sensitive and vulnerable. Am I proud of that? Absolutely yes. Because I believe, only then you will be compassionate. I however, had been reasonably sad for the past few months (should I say, an year!) that I wasn’t myself. Now that I’m done being grumpy, irritable and sullen I have started appreciating all the beautiful blessings in my life. And look at the difference! Just like my Mom always says, I have my smile back on my face, as radiant as the bright sunshine.

So do you have new year resolutions? Have you already broken them? Isn’t it fair to have an anti-resolution list, just like mine?

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. And the prompt for the week is ‘It’s Not My Resolution’.


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