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On Zeroing in…

Hey you lovely people.

It’s been a long long time since I have penned down something. And choosing today, the 31st of December, the eve of New Year is a mere coincidence. So, this is definitely not another ‘New year, New Me’ post. Not another ‘Good bye 2015’ post and definitely not another ‘My resolutions to 2016’ post.

Maybe I could say a Wrap up, or breaking the writer’s block

2015 had its fair share of ups and downs, of betrayals and abandonment, i.e., hangover of the year 2014. But I learnt many life lessons the hard way.

With a pretty bad start to the new year, I simply tried to keep one step at a time, slow but trying to be steady. Many a times I decided to quit writing. But guess blogging was one of the few things that kept me sane.

With a dear friend Vishal’s constant nagging and push, I decided to pen down a love story for Valentine’s. However cliched that was, it was well received by many.

I attended my first ever bloggers meet this year – the BNLF hosted by Indiblogger. I thought I would be sitting in one corner of the room, unnoticed by any. But I was taken back when I had some great bloggers walking up to me asking if I was the Tomato Girl! Oh yes, they did! I was shocked to be asked about my food blog, about the Mardaani post, the Wedding series which I wrote as part of the AtoZ Challenge and just being asked whether I am Shalini.

Being a part of the Book Club gave me brilliant opportunities to review some amazing books. I should say that this was the highlight of the year when it comes to blogging. And having got the lucky chance to review the coffee table book ‘Capturing Wildlife Moments in India‘ helped me bag the Top 15 Hobbies Post in 2015 by Baggout.

With my husband living miles away because of work, life was is chaotic. Unable to prioritize, things were topsy-turvy. Not that it has resolved now. But what’s life without a little mess, don’t you think? Having completed four years in the IT sector, my promotion is due any day from now. I am still not ready to throw away everything and sit at home doing nothing. May be some time later. But, definitely not now.

There will be many changes this year with respect to my dear blogs. esp. my Food Blog- Something’s Cooking. And being regular tops the list. #justsaying

These are not in any way resolutions because I just cannot keep up with it. And as the saying goes, resolutions are somehow meant to be broken. I hence, have a Not-to-Do List which I am intending to follow dedicate.

Last year I was bold enough to say, Bring it on 2015!!! I chose ‘Embrace’ as Word of the Year. And I could do justice to it. This year I am picking the word-


Focus on life

on work

on love

on friendship

on writing

on cooking

on learning something new

on smiling

and spreading joy!

Last but not the least, thanks to all you lovely readers and friends who made sure that I wrote something or the other this year. I won’t disappoint you.

So, do you have a word for the year?  I assure you, that it would be help you take charge of your life in some beautiful way! What are you waiting for? Join us with your word!

What are your tales of 2015? Share them.

“I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.”

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