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“Hey, Ni…. I think I need to cancel the BNLF!”, I ‘Whatsapped’ dejectedly. I knew I was kinda ditching her at the eleventh hour, but there was no go.

“Arey, why???? You were super-excited for the event that you were even planning to bunk office. What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you are backing out”, I could literally feel her scream over the text.

“I don’t know anybody in Mumbai, Ni. And how will I stay alone? Where?”, I was broken-hearted. I knew she couldn’t help me as she was staying at her cousin’s. And yes, I chicken out easily worrying the unknown.

“Don’t be, please. We will figure out. Don’t lose hope!”, she pleaded.

I hit the bed unhappily.

I woke up with a jolt when my phone kept on ringing somewhere around midnight. She was elated and informed me about the Stayzilla app. And yes, we were on it!

With a super-simple interface, I could immediately sign in with my Facebook account. It had options to host, guest and … I was hooked to the app. There were graphics used making everything easy to the eyes and touch. With the help of filters I could easily shortlist the dates, the hotels, the places near by and what not! The money back guarantee is another highlight. You even have a chat that helps in deliberating your concerns. And oh boy! You can keep the history of previous bookings as well.


Can you believe? I found 553 hotels near the venue of BNLF when all this while I was worrying about how to find a nice and safe hotel. This made me curious to learn more about Stayzilla. It is Indias largest hybrid managed marketplace for Stays and is one of the fastest growing start-ups in the Indian travel and hospitality eco-system.  They offer over 35,000 ‘Stays’ across 4000+ cities in India. With their app in place, it helps them to choose the kind of travelers they would like to host. It will  allow users to look for stays that match their own requirements such as food preferences, travel type and much more. A special ‘Build your tribe’ feature on the app will also enable one to host and befriends with  travelers basis their passion – be it a specific interest, their institution or even to explore something new.


What more can this collaboration of #BNLF and #Stayzilla offer? I’m jumping with joy! I’m sure, so is she!

P.S: Yes, it’s a true life incident.

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