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“How can you watch such a meaningless show? Ten girls running after a boy? You are crazy! Come lets watch football”.

“Oh, well! What’s so great about ten guys running after a ball?”

This is an everyday episode at home. He cribbing about a popular reality show which I love to watch and me nagging about him watching the game. However, I gleefully admit that now I know, Barcelona is a Football Club and Argentina is a National Team and that Messi can play in both.

While we generally try to come to a conclusion with a compromise, sometimes it just does not work that way. So, it was always about recording my favorite show and watching whenever I wanted to. But that again wasn’t working out. We practically are always together. Especially the TV time. I get back home by 4 along with him, after the early morning shift. Thus, the so-called ‘me-time’ with a favorite TV show comes down to the above mentioned scenario. Such a lovey-dovey couple! Touché.

And then he came… like the Genie from Aladdin’s lamp- our Tata Sky Representative!

“What if you could record your favorite show and also transfer it to any smart phone/device?”, he asked. 

Wow, that means I can play it anywhere at anytime. May be on my way to office in the cab than pestering about why the cabby chose to play “Tera Pyar Hookah Bar” and then pulling my hair out trying to find what the lyrics actually meant.

Record. Transfer. Carry


The new setup box, Tata Sky+ Transfer helps in recording any show on TV even while watching another. This means that you do not need to interrupt your Dad from watching the News Bulletin, same headlines for the hundredth time on the same day.

A WiFi connection is needed only to transfer the record to your smart phone and not for streaming/watching it. This pack can be added to a maximum of 2 devices.

Acquiring a #TataSkyTransfer Setup box also enables you in laying your hands on several additional features. The recording can be done by the Internet Recording feature on or by downloading the Tata Sky Mobile App from App store on your IOS devices.


The Brand New #TataSkyTransfer Setup Box

Put on your dancing shoes while he sings “My Desi Girl” on the next Karaoke Party at home. Perks of having a husband who sings well and me who can choreograph any song on the playlist.

It’s a boon, don’t you think? Apart from some great recharge and subscription offers and discounts, this technological advancement from TataSky would be beneficial to one and all. Never miss a TV show or a much-awaited movie ever again. I am elated and is off to sharing this sensational news to my friend who always missed watching her TV serials just because her son wanted to feast his eyes seeing Chotta Bheem fly a kite. Life, I tell you!

Priyanka Chopra on the lead role as an FBI Recruit on ABC’s new show! Now, I am definitely not going to miss out on watching Quantico too! Woot..woot!

What are you waiting for? Get a brand new Tata Sky+ Transfer connection now. Existing Subscriber like me? Pester your man in purchasing a MultiTV connection at a reduced price! He definitely will, if he wants to watch the game without interruption. Gotcha!


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