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What are you up to currently? It is a fun prompt, don’t you think?

I somehow absolutely loved writing for this prompt. It helped in organizing my otherwise ‘all over the place’ thoughts.


My Desk 🙂

Reading… Witness the Night by Kishwar Desai. Pending since April. Will let you know why this book is important.
Playing… catch up on sleep, the to-dos for weekend, clearing my personal mailbox(with 10k unread emails).
Watching… Just done with Vampire Diaries! Boring! So back to Friends for the fourth time and loving each episode, giggling and laughing my a$$ off all alone!
Trying… to sort some personal issues which needs immediate attention.
Cooking… absolutely nothing these days, ever since husband left for work. I always cooked for him. It doesn’t interest me anymore. I know that I can’t survive with the food from office pantry or takeaways, so I am planning to. Soon!
Eating… Cadbury Silk that I hid in my desk. Nothing like a midday snack.
Drinking… CCD Cappuccino. Y’all, this is some good stuff.
Calling… the courier support guys! No rocket science.
Texting… with Mahi regarding holiday plans 😉
Pinning… Detox diets. It’s never too late!
Tweeting… votes for my favorite bloggers to make them win for# WIN15!
Going… to the Blogging Conference next month! Filled with excitement as the countdown continues!
Loving… Work! And the appraisal was bang on, AGAIN!
Hating… being the victim of mind games!
Discovering… that being alone is not a bad thing.
Thinking… about how stupid I was, the last year!
Feeling… sore, Sore throat. Silly cold. (Go away, please!)
Hoping (to)… eat right and loose a few calories, after the stress eating I did this week. No, I can’t even think about what all I let my stomach go through.
Listening (to)… Aankhonmein base ho tum .. 🙂
Celebrating… the end of a boring long week. Woohoo!
Smelling… Yardley English Lavender. My perfume!
Ordering… A pretty dress for the holidays!
Thanking… my hairdresser for giving me a new look! I’m in love with myself!
Considering… where I want my food blog to go in the future. I’ve got some big dreams, y’all.
Starting… GM Diet. Monday. 😛
Finishing… few talks, presentations and sessions at work.

Now let me know, what YOU are up to currently? Happy Weekend, fellas.

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