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How and why I cooked my first Chicken Manjurian!

“What’s for lunch, honey?”, he asked!

It was just four months after our wedding and a week of living together. Blame it on his job, it took all these days to get an accommodation (that too temporary) at the military campus. That just mean I hadn’t had a chance to cook for him yet. So, when this lovey-dovey question was asked by my husband, I found myself staring at the pantry, raiding my refrigerator and ‘browsing the internet‘ for recipes that could dumbfound him. After all, today he had asked me “The Question”!Confused face

In those seven days of our life in “our” first home, I had very limited resources- be it in the kitchen or living room. All I had was a dinner set, an induction cook top and the bare minimum needed for chopping, mixing and sauteing. As days passed, my pantry started filling up, thanks to the boon of online shopping. Even when my husband was busy at work, I could ‘manage’ my household duties.

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And I decided to surprise him by cooking Chicken Manjurian and Chicken Fried Rice. Thanks to Nita Mehta for her recipes.

Chicken Manjurian

PC: @tomatoes


Boneless Chicken – 250gm (cut into small cubes)

Spring onion chopped – 2 (keep whites and greens seperate)

Oil for deep frying


Egg- 1, Cornflour- 1 1/2tbsp, Vinegar- 1/2tsp, Soya sauce- 1tsp, Red chilli sauce – 1tsp, Salt- 3/4 tsp, Pepper – 1/2 tsp.


Oil- 2tbsp, Crushed ginger – 2tbspn, Crushed garlic – 2tbsp, Green Chillies – 2(finely chopped), Chicken stock- 2cups (if not water), Cornflour – 1 1/2 tbsp dissolved in 3tbspn water, Sherry/White Wine- 1tsp(optional), Soya sauce- 1 1/2tbsp, Tomato ketchup – 1tbsp, Chilli sauce- 1tbsp, Vinegar- 1tsp, Salt- 1/2 tsp, Pepper- 1/2 tsp, Sugar- 1/2 tsp.


Mix ingredients for batter and dip the chicken pieces in it.

Heat oil for deep frying. Fry the chicken pieces for 3 minutes. Do not fry longer as the chicken will turn hard.

In a kadhai/wok, add little oil.

Fry ginger and garlic.

Add green chillies and whites of spring onions. Stir.

Reduce heat and add chicken stock. Add all the ingredients of the sauce except corn flour. Cook for 4minutes.

Add the cornflour mixed with water and boil. Stir continuously.

Add fried chicken and cook for a couple of minutes more till the sauce turns thick.

Garnish with spring onion greens. Serve hot with Chicken Fried Rice.

Needless to say, how it went by! My darling husband went nuts tasting the food!


This is a Sponsored Post. However, the ideas are solely mine!

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