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And the Award Goes to..

Sometimes, I behave like a Jerk! Oh, I do. And when the guilty conscience peeps in with a gentle reminder, I feel I’m damned!

It’s been a month since I have been showered with some blog love by the amazcreativeing V-Pub. And I hadn’t even graciously accepted it yet. For someone like me whose purpose of maintaining a blog is to have some fun, pen down my feelings and blabber on anything under the sun which interests me, such blog awards makes it easier to believe that someone in some corner of the world enjoys my writes. Refreshing thought, isn’t it?

So, thank you very much V-Pub, for bestowing me with the Creative Blogger Award. Hey guys, hop on to this site for some rejuvenating posts.

Instead of sharing some random facts about me, I thought of filling my Slam Book! Interesting? And here I go!

The Slam Book

Nicknames: Shalu, Shalz, Grasshopper(cos’ of the squeaky voice) and I’m not disclosing the rest! Place of Birth: Kerala, India Zodiac Sign: The Passionate Pisces Hair Color: Black  Eye color: Dark Brown  Best Feature: He says, “Eyes”. They all say, “Eyes” <3 Height: 5ft 1″  Piercing: Ears  Tattoos: Planning to!

Vacation: Seychelles
Where to settle: Prague. Take me there? I’ll marry you! (Hope my husband doesn’t see this 😛 )
Picture: In front of Eiffel
Movie: Dil Se! Watched this movie when in my late teens. No other movie could ever beat the feeling I was left with. Not watched the movie again. Never downloaded a copy too. Seems you get my point. Get me an original copy of the movie for my B’day and I’m yours! No kidding!
Song: Meharbaan hua. Now you know where my obsession for Prague comes from!
TV Show: Friends, Grey’s Anatomy.
Guilty Show: Well..ehum…America’s Next Top Model!
Book/Character: Gone With the Wind and obviously Rhett Butler and Scarlet O’Hara
Quote: “You needn’t break another heart to follow your own”
Colors: Black,Yellow, Red
Chocolates: Dairy Milk .No, not even Toblerone. And yeah, you have just been given another idea of the things to gift me!
First Crush…. Should be a secret. But, in my 5th Grade, I guess 😛
Biggest Crush….Ha ha ha–that’s another secret…except only bigger!  
Have you Ever:
Broken a bone: Nope!
Got an X-ray: Yeah! Twice. 
Cried When Someone Died: Yes 
Cried At School: No
Had Heartbreaks: N no: of times!!
Told someone you loved them but not really meant it? Yes.
Told someone you hated them but not really meant it? Yes–I was at the end of my rope…didn’t really mean it. But if I finally manage to hate someone, that’s the end of it. There’s no looking back!
Do you Believe in:
Miracles: Yes 
Love At First sight: No. It is Infatuation at first sight.
Ghosts: Yes
Aliens: No 
Soul Mates: YES! 
Heaven: Yes
Hell: YES.
God: Yes 
Yourself: Always. 

Give me one good reason to love you: I have no reason to give (am not selling myself, am I? (hehe); what you see is what you get–take it or leave it!

Feel free to add in your questions below. I can answer them. I’m not nominating anyone. Half in my list doesn’t accept blog awards! 🙂 Take care, people. Have fun!


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