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Tears on my Pillow

The rain started to pour. Drizzling softly at first. I loved it initially, something which brought the delicate side of me. I lay there, wishing the drizzles would calm me down. But then, the storm began, making me challenge my love and life. Making me know that life is not just about being safe and comfortable. Life is also about eccentricities, taking risks and living the way you feel like.

In the dark and mystical night, even as blackness was engulfing the sky, I lay still in bed surrounded by pillows, and allowed myself to be soothed. But I heard the storm sobbing in harmony with my own tears. The rage of the thunder matching the rage of my own heart.

I felt alone and one at the same time.

It stole my time, all the thoughts that filled my mind. The fantasies, desires, dreams and wants which plainly fluttered away like leaves in the wind.

How will you choose between a drizzle and a storm? A shower so complacent and predictable or a storm that inspires you to change, to test boundaries, that consumes you with passion and vigour? The one which is perfect or the one which questions you and is dangerous?

Even though I knew my world would never be the same again, even though I would have to find a new way, I knew, yes I knew, that everything would be okay. That the storm will not stay. That when it has passed, my tears would dry, that I would find the strength to rise up again, to face the same storm over and over again.


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