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#Airtel4G The Next Big Thing

“This da@@$n thing is not loading!”, I screamed.

“Shalu, you are testing my patience. One, you wanted to watch a Malayalam movie in a city like Pune. Two, you booked the tickets at a movie hall far away from home. Three, you swore with all your might that you have the GPS activated on your phone. And now you are telling me that it’s not loading? Are you kidding me?”, my husband glowered.

Now, that’s not a good sign. He hardly raised his voice on me. It’s time for me to keep mum. Just then my phone rang. (Thank Goodness!) It was a colleague of mine and I explained where I have landed myself in. Being a native of the city, she helped me get out of trouble. She seemed excited about this new 4G thing which was trending on Youtube. Ironical that it may seem, being in the corporate world and probably having to use a “Gadgets for Dummies” even to change the wallpaper of my new smartphone, I asked her,”Will I be able to access the internet faster?”

“You gotta be kidding me. (I’m hearing this for the second time in ten minutes, ain’t I?) Airtel has launched 4G nation-wide today. Do you know what that means? You got to enjoy super fast 4G speeds. That too at the benefit of 3G pack. That is at no extra cost“, I could feel her excitement.


“Does that mean, the next time I can work this GPS on my phone without trouble?”

“Oh yes, you idiot! (Idiot? That was just an innocent question!) and much more. You can book your movie tickets, do online shopping, the transactions, watch videos without buffering, oh, even download a full movie at the blink of an eye. That I might be exaggerating. But, it’s all there! Well, you know, we can watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones during our coffee-breaks. You download one, I download two. All you need is a 4G phone and a 4G SIM. You already have an iPhone 6. So, simply upgrade to a 4G SIM. Request for one on the website and it will be delivered to your home, free of charge. Am I making sense?”


“Oh yes, you are! But..ehum…is Airtel 4G only for smartphones?”

“No, I forgot the important part. Airtel has also introduced a 4G Wifi-Hotspot and a 4G Dongle. There are different plans for 4G Home Wi-Fi as well.”


“That’s fascinating. I will definitely give it a try.”

“Okay, hun. Got to go. Adi is waiting. See ya tomorrow”, she hung up.

I was being looked upon with inquisitive eyes of my husband who somehow figured out the directions by now and was parking the car inside the theater. I explained to him the soul of our conversation and he seemed to be excited.

“Oh yes, I saw this ad today- the Airtel 4G Challenge, you know? The Airtel 4G is willing to pay your lifetime mobile bill if you prove you have got a faster network. It’s intriguing. Makes me definitely want to give it a shot!”

“Am I the only one who is technology-challenged here?”, I asked sounding like a nine-year old. Maybe, the kids are far better than me!

I saw him smirk. But I have made a mental note to request for a free 4G SIM on the Airtel website first thing when I get back home.
I am ready to witness the jaw-dropping speeds of #Airtel4G. Currently being introduced to 296 towns across India, #Airtel4G seems to have taken a mission to delete the word ‘buffering’ from Oxford, forever.

I am game. Are you?


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